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Quoting Premier Li Keqiang, the Tiananmen Mothers urge China’s leaders to take historical responsibility for crimes committed ty their predecessors. (Photo of the Tiananmen Mothers, February 2015).
Recent Developments
Click here to download a PDF version of the open letter . To the EU and Chinese representatives to the 17 th EU-China Summit: Marking the 40th anniversary of EU-China diplomatic relations, the 17th Summit between the European Union and China that will take place on Monday 29 June in Brussels will...
Torture is a pervasive problem in China. To mark the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture , HRIC has translated the below case seeking compensation for the alleged torture of a man who died in police custody in China. The case is a concrete, individual example of the issues people...
See Chinese original . On June 18, 2004, I was in Xian when I heard about the poetry lecture courses that were being held by the Shanxi College of Literature, and Mr. Song Lin was invited to attend. Song Lin, who had lived in France, was my poetry mentor, and I hadn’t seen him in 14 years. I was...
  • Wang Quanzhang
On June 18, 2015, three lawyers, Wang Quanzhang, Shi Fulong, and Chen Zhiyong, were discharging their duty as defense counsel at the Dongchangfu District Court, Liaocheng, Shandong Province. They were interrupted numerous times by the court. Wang Quanzhang was even expelled from the courtroom,...
In an open letter, Human Rights in China joins eight NGOs in urging Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew to clearly voice their concern, during the Strategic and Economic Dialogue next week, over human rights deterioration in China, and to stress that such...
Lawyer Li Fangping shares details of of his first meeting with Fujian activist Tu Fu (aka Wu Gan). He says he was moved by Tu’s optimism, humor, warmth, perseverance, calm, and sense of responsibility. The meeting lasted less than an hour. Tu Fu was detained on May 19, initially sentenced to...
In a statement of protest (see below), Shi Tao, a journalist who served eight years of a ten-year prison term, says that contents in his social networking WeChat account were deleted in recent days, in the lead up to the 26th anniversary of the June Fourth crackdown on the 1989 Democracy Movement...
At the request of the Tiananmen Mothers, Human Rights in China (HRIC) is issuing the following essay by the group to commemorate the victims of June Fourth on its 26th anniversary. Quoting Premier Li Keqiang’s March 2015 speech that Japan’s leaders today bear historical responsibility for Japan’s...
On May 5, 2015, the Chinese government released for public comment the Foreign/ Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations Management Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft) (Second Review Draft) (《 境外非政府组织管理法(草案二次审议稿)全文 》”FNGO draft law”). If enacted and implemented in its current form, both...
At roughly 11:00 p.m. on May 17, 2015, while providing legal services in Nanning, Guangxi, Hunan lawyer Xie Yang was beaten by several unidentified, armed persons. He sustained multiple injuries and his lower leg was fractured. In response to the incident, on May 18 Beijing lawyer Zhang Lei issued...
After being detained for 37 days, women’s rights activist Li Tingting was released on bail on April 13. She wrote a request to the Haidian Public Security Bureau to return her personal items as soon as possible, especially her Xiaomi Mi Band. Why is it so important to her? In this essay, Li...

Background information on China and the CAT:
China’s review is scheduled for the session beginning November 9. For information on the review process and China’s past reviews, see HRIC’s page on China and the CAT.

NGO Submission Deadline:
NGOs that would like to provide information for the review may make a written submission to the Committee by: October 26, 2015
Submissions should be sent by email to:
15 hard copies should also be mailed to:
Secretariat of the Committee against Torture
CH-1211 Geneva 10 (Switzerland)

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Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights at NYU School of Law

HRIC is pleased to share New York University School of Law's announcement of the launch of the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights. We are honored to be leading one of the Institute’s new initiatives, the China and International Human Rights Law Research Program.  

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