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RConversation: Obama's America to Hu Jintao's China on human rights: so far, deafening silence

February 13, 2009

Excerpted from RConversation:

The two photos below were taken by Sharon Hom of Human Rights in China around 10:30 a.m. last Friday in Geneva. Diplomats from a wide range of countries lined up for hours for a chance to sign up that afternoon for speaking slots in the U.N. Human Rights Council's review of China which took place on Monday morning. 111 countries signed up. The first 60 countries on the sign-up list got a chance to speak. [...] Australia and Canada got up early to be at the front of the line, and both expressed concerns about the Chinese government's human rights record. The UK and other European governments expressed concern later on. But voices of praise for the Chinese government's human rights record predominated. Overall, the session was considered a victory for the Chinese government's position that it is on the right track when it comes to respecting the rights of its people. Where was the U.S. delegation in this line?

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