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CRF 2010, no. 1 - Freedom of Expression on Trial in China

[CRF 2010, no. 1 cover]Introduction


“Inciting Subversion of State Power”?: Six Essays by Liu Xiaobo and Charter 08

  • About Liu Xiaobo
  • Liu Xiaobo: A Chronology of Activism
  • The CPC’s Dictatorial Patriotism
    Liu Xiaobo debunks the notion successfully purveyed by the CPC that the ruling party is the Chinese nation itself, a fallacious concept that has enabled it to maintain absolute rule over the people.
  • The Many Aspects of CPC Dictatorship
    Liu describes the post-Mao regime—unlike that during the era of “Maoist totalitarianism”—as more skillful in using “pragmatic, flexible control methods” to maintain stability. Liu warns that “[t]he loyalty bought by the promise of a comfortable life has a soul that is rotten to the core,” and that the system is ultimately unsustainable.
  • Can It Be that the Chinese People Deserve Only “Party-Led Democracy”?
    Liu points out that the Chinese people—having been conditioned historically to view any benevolent policy as mercy granted by their ruler—are in fact complicit in their own oppression. Rather than waiting for the arrival of a “virtuous master,” they must, Liu maintains, place their hope in the “continuous expansion of the ‘new power’ among the people.”
  • Changing the Regime by Changing Society
    Liu explores how a continuously growing civil society is the key to China’s gradual, bottom-up transformation into a free society.
  • The Negative Effects of the Rise of Dictatorship on World Democratization
    Liu discusses China’s use of “money diplomacy”to degrade world civilization, and the necessity of helping the world’s largest dictatorship transform into a free and democratic country with direct consequences for global democratization.
  • Further Questions about Child Slavery in China’s Kilns
    Liu examines the extreme government corruption and lack of accountability that have enabled thousands of children to be kidnapped and used as slaves in kiln factories.
  • Charter 08
    A petition for political reform that began circulating online on December 9, 2008.

Freedom of Expression on Trial: Liu Xiaobo Legal Case Documents

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