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[Translation by Human Rights in China] In the afternoon, on the way back from Kong Weizhen’s house, before even reaching the gate of Wuhan Institute of Technology, Guo Liying and I saw Qi Guoxiang ( 齐国香 ) walking to welcome us. She is a warm-hearted, sincere person who is helpful to others. Being...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] In Wuhan, Hubei Province, before we went to Li Xianyuan’s house we called Mr. Kong Weizhen (孔维真) , a disabled man who lives in Hanyang District in Wuhan, inviting him to come to Li Xianyuan’s house. An hour after we arrived at Li Xianyuan’s house, we heard...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] Guo Liying and I continued from Zhengzhou to Wuhan, Hubei Province, on the high-speed train, to visit two families and a survivor. Our hotel in Wuhan was located not far from the home of Li Xianyuan (李显远), our first destination. We planned to visit the second...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] After Wu Lihong and I visited Xiao Zongyou and his wife, we decided to visit Wu Guofeng’s (吴国锋) parents, Wu Dingfu ( 吴定富 ) and his wife, who live in the suburbs of Chengdu in Xinjin County, Wujin Township. The drive from Chengdu to Xinjin County is actually...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] After visiting families of victims in Guangzhou and Nanning, we headed to Sichuan. There is only one train every day from Nanning to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan. The trip, a 32-hour ride, would take us through Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces. Along the way,...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] In mid-November 2013, Guo Liying and I traveled to Henan, Hubei, and Jiangxi Provinces in central China to visit the families of victims of June Fourth. We went first to Zhengzhou in Henan to visit Mr. Sun Chengkang and his wife Mrs. Yu Qing, the parents of...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] Our next stop was Yongning District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, to visit Lai Bi’s father, Lai Yundi (赖运迪). Yongning was originally one of Guangxi Province’s Zhuang ethnic minority autonomous counties, bordering Nanning city. With the development and...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] This is a moving story. The searching for Chen Yongting’s family touched the hearts of many people. This is also a sad story: behind this peasant boy from a remote mountain village going to school in Beijing was the heavy burden of his impoverished parents and...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] On the 25th anniversary of the June Fourth Tragedy Shortly after the 24th anniversary of June Fourth last year, some of us—June Fourth victims’ family members residing in Beijing—were thinking about the same questions with sadness. In all these years, and...
[Translation by Human Rights in China] On Sunday October 13, 2013, I traveled down south with Wu Lihong to visit and interview families of Tiananmen victims. The interviews started in Guangzhou. The first family is from Guangzhou's Huadu District. This is the present home of the parents of Tian...


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