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Notification Regarding Requirements for Pre-Installing Green Filtering Software on Computers

Translation by Human Rights in China (June 8, 2009) Source Text1
Document of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [MIIT] 工业和信息化部文件
Gong Xin Bu Ruan2 [2009] No. 226 工信部软【2009】226号
Notification Regarding Requirements for Pre-Installing Green Filtering Software on Computers 关於计算机预装绿色上网过滤软件的通知
To the work units concerned: 有关单位:
In order to build a green, healthy, and harmonious online environment, and to avoid the effects on and the poisoning of our youth’s minds by harmful information on the Internet, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Civilization Office3 of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee, and Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the Government Procurement Law, have used CCP financial capital to purchase one-year exclusive rights to use “Green Dam Youth Escort” Green Online Filtering Software (hereinafter referred to as “Green Dam Youth Escort”) along with related services so that the whole society may use it free of charge. After comprehensive testing and pilot use, the software has been shown to effectively filter harmful content in text and graphics on the Internet and has already satisfied the conditions for pre-installation by computer manufacturers. 为构建绿色、健康、和谐的网络环境,避免互联网不良信息对青少年的影响和毒害,工业和信息化部、中央文明办、财政部按《政府采购法》有关要求,使用中央财政资金买断“绿坝-花季护航”绿色上网过滤软件(以下简称“‘绿坝-花季护航’软件”)产品一年使用权及相关服务,供全社会免费使用。经综合测试和试点应用,该软件产品可有效过滤互联网不良文字和图像内容,已具备计算机厂商预装条件。
To achieve further results of the Special Corrective Action Against Vulgarity on the Internet campaign, continue combining punishment and prevention, ensure the healthy growth of minors, and push for the healthy and orderly development of the Internet, according to the overall deployment for the Special Corrective Action Against Vulgarity on the Internet campaign, the following are the specific requests for the pre-installation of green filtering software: 为进一步巩固整治互联网低俗之风专项行动成果,坚持惩防结合,切实保护未成年人健康成长,推动互联网健康有序发展,根据全国整治互联网低俗之风专项行动的总体部署,现将计算机预装绿色上网过滤软件的具体要求通知如下:
1. Computers manufactured and sold domestically should have the newest version of “Green Dam Youth Escort” software pre-installed when they leave the factories. Imported computers should have the newest version of “Green Dam Youth Escort” pre-installed before being sold. 1、在我国境内生产销售的计算机出厂时应预装“绿坝-花季护航”软件最新适用版本;进口计算机在国内销售前应预装“绿坝-花季护航”软件最新适用版本。
2. “Green Dam Youth Escort” should be pre-installed on the hard drive of the computer or in the form of a CD accompanying the computer. It should also be included in the backup partition and system restore CD. 2、“绿坝-花季护航”软件应预装在计算机硬盘或随机光盘内,且在恢复分区和恢复光盘中作为备份文件。
3. Providers of “Green Dam Youth Escort” should use active measures to support computer manufacturers in developing pre-installation-related work. 3、“绿坝-花季护航”软件提供者应采取积极措施,支持计算机生产企业开展预装相关工作。
4. Computer manufacturers and sellers should finish pre-installation tests for “Green Dam Youth Escort” and related work by the end of June 2009. All computers manufactured and sold after July 1, 2009, should have “Green Dam Youth Escort” pre-installed. 4、计算机生产及销售企业应於2009年6月底完成“绿坝-花季护航”软件预装测试等相关工作,2009年7月1日后出厂和销售的计算机应预装“绿坝-花季护航”软件。
5. In 2009, computer manufacturers and “Green Dam Youth Escort” software providers should report monthly computer sales figures, filtering software pre-installation figures of the previous month, and suggestions to the Department of Software Service Provider Industry of the MIIT; and should, starting in 2010, before the end of each February, report yearly figures for the previous year. 5、计算机生产者和“绿坝-花季护航”软件提供者在2009年内应按月向工业和信息化部软件服务业司报送上月计算机销售数量、过滤软件预装数量及工作建议,自2010年起於年2月底之前上报上一年数据。
For all instances of computers that have not had the software pre-installed, late reports, false reports, or refusal to report, MIIT will order the missing reports to be submitted within a specific time frame, or take corrective actions. 对於逾期未预装、不按时上报、虚假上报和拒不上报的,工业和信息化部将责令其限期补报或改正。

1. Chinese original available at: ^

2 Unofficial translation by HRIC: Department of Software Service Provider Industry, MIIT (Chinese original: 软件服务业司). ^

3 Unofficial translation by HRIC (full name of department in Chinese: 中共中央精神文明建设办公室). ^


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