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Tiananmen Square massacre marked with Hong Kong vigil
The Guardian, June 4, 2019

Hong Kong prepares for commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen crackdown
Al Jazeera, June 4, 2019

Hong Kong holds somber Tiananmen vigil as Beijing goes into lockdown
Reuters, June 3, 2019

“Record turnout of over 180,000” at Hong Kong candlelight vigil to mark Tiananmen crackdown’s 30th anniversary but for many, city’s controversial extradition bill was extra spur
South China Morning Post, June 5, 2019

Hong Kong remembers Tiananmen, concerned about its own future
Agence France-Presse, June 4, 2019

In Hong Kong, a publisher struggles to document Tiananmen’s carnage
The New York Times, June 4, 2019

83% of young Hongkongers say Beijing was in the wrong over the Tiananmen Massacre – HKU survey
Hong Kong Free Press, June 4, 2019

The Hong Kong teachers whose lives are inexorably linked to Tiananmen Square crackdown making sure their pupils are taught about events of 1989
South China Morning Post, June 4, 2019

Hong Kong's students remember Tiananmen because those on the mainland can't
Sydney Morning Herald, June 4, 2019

Video: “We don’t need to chant slogans” – 100 attend “alternative” Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil
Hong Kong Free Press, June 4, 2019

Extradition law is 'final nail' in Hong Kong's coffin: activist
Reuters, June 4, 2019

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam ‘will not simply follow orders from Beijing’ on extradition requests and can refuse transfer of fugitives accused of crimes against defence or foreign affairs
South China Morning Post, June 4, 2019

Hong Kong pupils petition against extradition bill as protests build
Reuters, June 4, 2019

【逃犯條例】覆美國會議員聯署信 林鄭:指修例損害法治、人權 沒有根據 (Extradition law: Carrie Lam replies to joint letter from US Congress: No evidence that Extradition Law amendments harm rule of law and human rights)
The Stand News, June 4, 2019

Remembering Tiananmen Square is dangerous, even in Hong Kong
The Atlantic, June 3, 2019

Former Tiananmen student leader barred from Hong Kong vigil
Sydney Morning Herald, June 3, 2019

Prosecutors in mainland China can reopen criminal cases years later and seek fugitive transfers, Hong Kong security chief John Lee admits
South China Morning Post, June 3, 2019


The new Tiananmen Papers: Inside the secret meeting that changed China
Foreign Affairs, May 30, 2019

New documents show power games behind China’s Tiananmen crackdown
The New York Times, May 31, 2019

從北京警察到六四抗暴者:他牽着兩歲女兒,目睹世界翻轉 (From a Beijing police officer to a participant in civil disobedience in June Fourth: Sun Liyong witnessed the world turn upside down as he held his daughter’s hand)
The Initium, June 3, 2019

Proposing a Chinese day of fast, Citizens Movement in China
China Change, June 2, 2019

六四30年祭:后89时代的人生启蒙 (June Fourth at 30: Inspiration for the post-89 generation: Interview with Chinese youngsters who grew up behind the firewall)
Voice of America, June 2, 2019

On 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, China says crackdown was “correct” policy
Agence France-Presse, June 2, 2019

Three decades after Tiananmen, China’s youth loses faith in US
Financial Times, June 2, 2019

半生被稱劊子手,戒嚴部隊軍官:「我也是六四受害者」(Martial law officer who spent half of his life condemned as a murderer: “I am a June Fourth victim too”)
The Initium, June 1, 2019

Witnessing China’s 1989 protests — 1,000 miles from Tiananmen Square
The New York Times, May 31, 2019

《重返天安門》:其他的天安門事件——成都大屠殺 (The other Tiananmen: Massacre in Chengdu)
The News Lens, June 2, 2019

China’s other Tiananmens: 30 years on
The Guardian, June 2, 2019

A massacre, erased: China tried to repress the memory of the brutal crackdown in Tiananmen Square. Thirty years later, Beijing is still terrified of its legacy.
Washington Post, May 31, 2019

Dissident political scientist Yan Jiaqi believes only vindication for Tiananmen Square democracy movement will bring China justice
South China Morning Post, May 31, 2019

Surviving Tiananmen: “I might have been one of the hundreds or thousands who lost their lives”
The Guardian, May 30, 2019

“30 years after Tiananmen, the world is having a taste of the consequences of nurturing China”
CIVICUS, May 30, 2019


China’s “black week-end”
New York Review of Books, June 27, 2019 Issue

Tiananmen 1989: Three decades behind China’s gate of darkness
China Heritage, May 31, 2019

【六四三十】亞視六君子李玉蓮:六四是香港人要記住的感情和責任 (Hong Kong ATV journalist: June Fourth is a sentiment and responsibility that Hong Kong must remember), May 31, 2019

“Pillar of Shame” artist Jens Galschiøt erects Danish highway sign honouring 1989 Tiananmen Massacre victims
Hong Kong Free Press, May 31, 2019

天安门母亲张先玲:和平理性坚持抗争30载 (Interview with a Tiananmen Mother, Zhang Xianling: It has been a peaceful and rational 30-year-long fight)
Voice of America, May 30, 2019

HRIC’s “Unforgotten” project: profiles of June Fourth Victims
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‐ Profiles of the “Unforgotten”

Four is forbidden: Finding my way to the truth about Tiananmen
ChinaFile, May 30, 2019

China military says shouldn’t say Tiananmen protests were “suppressed”
South China Morning Post, May 29, 2019

30 years ago: Goddess of democracy erected
China Digital Times, May 30, 2019

China: Tiananmen injustice fuels repression 30 years on
Human Rights Watch, May 30, 2019

Many Chinese know little about the bloodshed in Beijing 30 years ago
Economist, May 30, 2019

Photos of the Tiananmen Square protests through the lens of a student witness
The New York Times, May 30, 2019

Tiananmen 30 years on: Why another pro-democracy uprising would be “impossible” in China
South China Morning Post, May 30, 2019

US calls Tiananmen Square “full-on massacre” as anniversary nears
Voice of America, May 30, 2019

The unsung heroes of Beijing, 1989: Remembering the civilian resistance
Radio Free Asia, May 30, 2019

June 4, 1989: A personal recollection: Looking back on Tiananmen
Brookings, May 29, 2019


【律師會改選】人權律師帝理邁成票王 其餘 4 人來自流傳中聯辦推薦名單 (Law Society election results: 1 human rights lawyer as well as 4 pro-Beijing candidates endorsed by Liaison Office take seats)
The Stand News, May 31, 2019

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam survives first no confidence vote, as democrats cite “lies” over extradition row
Hong Kong Free Press, May 30, 2019

Hong Kong gov’t announces new concessions to extradition bill after pressure from pro-Beijing camp
Hong Kong Free Press, May 30, 2019

【逃犯條例】被指無法處理台灣殺人案 林鄭:修例後會睇下 (Government concessions specify requests must originate from central authorities, casting doubt on Taiwan’s ability to initiate requests; Carrie Lam: “We’ll look into it after amendments are done”)
The Stand News, May 31, 2019

【逃犯條例】英加外長:修例或損《中英聯合聲明》保障之權利自由 促港府與各方溝通 (UK foreign secretary and Canadian foreign minister issue joint statement warning negative impacts on human rights, urging meaningful engagement and proper consideration of alternatives and safeguards)
The Stand News, May 30, 2019

Hong Kong school head called police over student-backed petition opposing controversial extradition bill
Hong Kong Free Press, May 30, 2019

“Inconsistent with the right to equality”: Hong Kong court declares male gay sex laws unconstitutional
Agence France-Presse, May 30, 2019

Hong Kong wants to build massive artificial islands. More than 1 million people could live on them. But they will cost a fortune
Economist, May 30, 2019


On This Day — May 30, 1989: Three leading members of the BWAF detained: Members of the Beijing Workers’ Autonomous Federation are detained by the Beijing Public Security Bureau, which had ordered the workers to vacate the place they were occupying the night before. The BWAF moves its headquarters to the northwest of the square.
See HRIC chronology and resources.

HRIC’s “Unforgotten” project: profiles of June Fourth Victims
‐ Project subsite homepage
‐ HRIC statement
‐ Profiles of the “Unforgotten”

Video: Canadian journalist shares newly restored footage of Tiananmen Massacre horror
Hong Kong Free Press, May 30, 2019

六四30周年:天安门事件如何影响港台的社会与学生运动 (June Fourth 30th anniversary: How did the Tiananmen massacre affect society and student movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan?)
BBC, May 30, 2019

30 years ago: Students renew call for change
China Digital Times, May 29, 2019

Chinese artist mentions Tiananmen Massacre anniversary in award speech
Radio Free Asia, May 29, 2019

Hong Kong teacher hopes new book on Tiananmen Square crackdown can educate younger readers
South China Morning Post, May 29, 2019

Why Hong Kong maths teacher who witnessed Tiananmen Square crackdown holds special history lessons once a year for his students
South China Morning Post, May 29, 2019

Hong Kong student unions to host Tiananmen Massacre forum, amid lingering rift with vigil organisers
Hong Kong Free Press, May 29, 2019


On This Day — May 29, 1989: Goddess of Democracy erected: During the night, students of the Central Academy of Fine Arts assemble the 37-foot-high statue of the Goddess of Democracy, built in two days out of plaster and Styrofoam. It stands opposite the giant portrait of Mao Zedong.
See HRIC chronology and resources.

Hong Kong has kept flame of Tiananmen Square crackdown alive for 30 years – but is the fire burning out?
South China Morning Post, May 29, 2019

30 years after Tiananmen, a Chinese military insider warns: Never forget
The New York Times, May 28, 2019

30 years ago: Students urge end to siege of square
China Digital Times, May 28, 2019

30 years on, Chinese dissident Wang Dan reflects on the Tiananmen Massacre
Agence France-Presse, May 28, 2019

Relatives of Tiananmen Massacre victims pay respects at cemetery
Radio Free Asia, May 28, 2019

Why we remember June Fourth
ChinaFile, May 28, 2019

HRIC’s “Unforgotten” project: profiles of June Fourth Victims
‐ Project subsite homepage
‐ HRIC statement
‐ Profiles of the “Unforgotten”

Hong Kong activist keeping promise he made 30 years ago to ensure Tiananmen Square crackdown is not forgotten
South China Morning Post, May 28, 2019

30 years ago: Li Peng tightens grip
China Digital Times, May 27, 2019


Hong Kong judges see risks in proposed extradition changes
Reuters, May 29, 2019

劉鑾雄撤回對修訂逃犯條例司法覆核申請 (Joseph Lau to withdraw application for judicial review of extradition law amendment, saying his application was “not aimed at the country or the Hong Kong government,” hopes for “harmony and stability”)
Radio Television Hong Kong, May 29, 2019

Video: Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam pledges more adjustments to extradition bill, amid storm of criticism
Hong Kong Free Press, May 28, 2019

【專訪】戴啟思質疑提高引渡罪行門檻只是小修小補 (Philip Dykes criticizes raising rendition threshold to 7 years as “minor touch-up” to bill, emphasizes distrust of mainland legal system)
Now News, May 29, 2019

Hong Kong extradition bill: Government looks at allowing prison terms to be served in city
South China Morning Post, May 28, 2019

Legalising same-sex marriage in Hong Kong “impractical,” “waste of resources,” claims new equality watchdog chief
Hong Kong Free Press, May 29, 2019

“Now or never” for Hong Kong LGBT couples to secure right to marriage and civil unions, as court challenge to government begins
South China Morning Post, May 28, 2019

【逃犯條例】 專訪 FCC 前主席 Steve Vines:憂傳媒噤聲記者被捕 信港人不易投降 (Interview: Former FCC chairman Steve Vines speaks out on extradition amendments’ threat to press freedom in Hong Kong, has faith that Hong Kong people will not give up)
The Stand News, May 28, 2019


On This Day — May 28, 1989: Arrests begin: Bao Tong, Zhao Ziyang’s former aide, is arrested in one of the first of tens of thousands of arrests in which protest leaders, participants, and sympathizers are detained across the country.
See HRIC chronology and resources.

《六四30年》:天安門母親冀延續抗爭力量 (June Fourth 30th anniversary: Tiananmen Mothers wish to continue the resistance)
Radio Television Hong Kong, May 28, 2019

6 months after cancelled exhibition, new film about Chinese cartoonist Badiucao to air on Tiananmen anniversary
Hong Kong Free Press, May 28, 2019

Remembering the Tiananmen Massacre, 30 years on: “They died on the spot”
Radio Free Asia, May 27, 2019

HRIC’s “Unforgotten” project: profiles of June Fourth Victims
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‐ HRIC statement
‐ Profiles of the “Unforgotten”


China wages relentless crackdowns on its Muslims. But Saudi Arabia stays quiet as it bolsters ties with Beijing.
Washington Post, May 27, 2019

The German data diver who exposed China’s Muslim crackdown
Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2019

新疆针对失业青年实施“青年就业启航计划” (Xinjiang authorities implement “youth employment initiation project” for unemployed residents between 16-35 years old)
People’s Daily, May 27, 2019
HRIC Note: The project, proclaimed as an initiative to aid local unemployment, commences by building a data server to host information on unemployed persons aged 16-35. Project details include real-name registration, collection of data on family conditions, reasons for unemployment, career preferences, and skill levels. Authorities will also organize “tours of human resources markets and skilled-labour institutes” and arrange for subsidies and placement in “vocational training camps and employment training workshops.” These efforts are meant to encourage “trainee-style development.”


On This Day — May 27, 1989: Debates on whether to stay in the Square: The Capital Joint Liaison Group, a group consisting of workers, students, and intellectuals, states that the students should stay on the square until May 30. A few student representatives refuse to agree to retreat on May 30, believing that a withdrawal without any concession from the government is tantamount to surrender. The Capital Joint Liaison Group agrees.
See HRIC chronology and resources.

HRIC’s “Unforgotten” project: profiles of June Fourth Victims
‐ Project subsite homepage
‐ HRIC statement
‐ Profiles of the “Unforgotten”

中學生嘆有包袱 赴六四晚會「戴帽戴眼鏡」(Hong Kong student from China describes fear and uncertainty over learning about June 4 and taking part in anniversary activities)
Ming Pao, May 27, 2019

Generation Amnesia: Why China’s youth don’t talk about Tiananmen
South China Morning Post, May 26, 2019

30 years ago: Tide turns toward hard-liner
China Digital Times, May 26, 2019

六四30周年特辑之六:大学生 不成熟的八九民运主体 (June Fourth 30th anniversary special feature: University students, the core of a fledgling 1989 democratic movement)
BBC, May 26, 2019

【六四三十】支聯會遊行悼念兼反送中 老中青齊上街拒絕遺忘 (Over 2,000 protestors of different generations rally in June Fourth anniversary march, also protesting against extradition law amendments), May 26, 2019

In Pictures: 30 years on, thousands in Hong Kong demand justice for Tiananmen Massacre victims
Hong Kong Free Press, May 27, 2019

六四30年:被忽略的“六四抗暴者” (Civil Disobedience Against Government Violence: The forgotten names in history)
Voice of America, May 25, 2019

30 years ago: Chaos among the leaders
China Digital Times, May 25, 2019

The road not taken: China after Tiananmen
Financial Times, May 24, 2019

How Hong Kong activists helped fund Chinese dissidents and pro-democracy activists caught up in Tiananmen Square crackdown
South China Morning Post, May 24, 2019

30 years ago: Changes at top are hinted
China Digital Times, May 24, 2019


百名全国宗教界代表人士齐聚曲阜,致敬中华优秀传统文化 (100 “religion representatives” join in United Front activity to “experience Chinese culture”)
The Paper, May 27, 2019
HRIC Note: United Front identified priority areas for implementing Sinicization of religion, including: upholding Party rule and socialist system; unifying “loving religion” with “loving country” and promoting education about socialism with Chinese characteristics; self-discipline in upholding the Constitution and authority of the law with strong opposition to illegal activities done in the name of religion; insisting on separation of religion from government and non-interference of religion in government functions.

U.S. ambassador urges China to talk to the Dalai Lama
Reuters, May 26, 2019

中央和国家机关青年干部学习习近平新时代 中国特色社会主义思想经验交流会在京召开 (Young party officials convene summit to learn loyalty to the Party through study of Xi Jinping Thought for a New Era)
People’s Daily, May 25, 2019

Taiwan changes name of de facto embassy in United States to “reflect stronger ties”
South China Morning Post, May 25, 2019


Hong Kong lawmaker Ted Hui guilty of assault after snatching public official’s phone, dashing to men’s toilet and emailing files to himself
South China Morning Post, May 27, 2019

特首:德庇護黃台仰及李東昇衝著本港司法獨立 (Germany granting asylum to Ray Wong and Alan Li is a direct affront to Hong Kong’s judicial independence, says Carrie Lam)
Radio Television Hong Kong, May 25, 2019

Chinese officials tell Germany to stay out of Hong Kong affairs after wanted activists gain refugee status
Hong Kong Free Press, May 24, 2019

Hong Kong’s LGBT supporters rally in Central, calling for city to follow Taiwan’s example on same-sex marriage
South China Morning Post, May 25, 2019

國泰男男牽手廣告終亮相 反同志組織:同運人士造成「逆向歧視」(Anti-LGBT groups criticize undue pressure on advertising companies, warning of chilling effect and “reverse discrimination” after ban on Cathay Pacific ad was lifted)
Ming Pao, May 26, 2019

EU lodges formal diplomatic note against contentious Hong Kong extradition bill
Reuters, May 24, 2019

【逃犯條例】歐盟外交照會 林鄭:對方僅宣示立場,未提具體擔憂和意見 (After European Union lodges rare demarche against extradition law amendment, Carrie Lam meets with EU consulate, and says it was “just a declaration of stance, did not hear any actual concerns or opinion on amendments”)
The Stand News, May 25, 2019

Convicted Occupy pair lodge judicial appeals for roles in Hong Kong’s biggest civil disobedience movement
South China Morning Post, May 25, 2019

【逃犯條例】內會通過解散法案委員會 涂謹申:政府不尊重立法會可恥 張超雄:建制派自我閹割 (Extradition law amendments: LegCo House Committee, led by pro-Beijing camp, dismisses Bills Committee, will resume second reading in mid-June)
The Stand News, May 24, 2019


德國難民局:港人申請庇護三年共接三宗 (Germany confirms 3 applications for asylum of Hong Kong citizens in the past 3 years, details of third application unknown)
Ming Pao, May 23, 2019

黃台仰李東昇獲德國庇護 李家超:港德有引渡協定,但棄保潛逃不屬可引渡罪行 (Police will “follow legal procedures” on wanted fugitives, says Security Bureau chief; absconding is not within list of applicable crimes in extradition agreement with Germany)
The Stand News, May 22, 2019

Mong Kok riot fugitives offered asylum in Germany a “damaging blow” to Hong Kong’s reputation and likely to anger Beijing, analysts say
South China Morning Post, May 22, 2019

【禁民族黨運作】民族黨放棄上訴 陳浩天:司法制度無法伸張正義 (Hong Kong National Party foregoes appeal against party ban: “We all know the judicial system cannot grant us justice,” says leader Andy Chan)
The Stand News, May 22, 2019

【國歌法】律師會:應清晰定義侮辱國歌行為 3 年監禁不合比例 (Law Society of Hong Kong urges clarification of definitions in National Anthem Bill, calls 3-year imprisonment “disproportionate”)
The Stand News, May 22, 2019

Law against insulting Chinese national anthem in Hong Kong criticised for “imprecise” wording and specifying standards of decorum
South China Morning Post, May 23, 2019

Hong Kong police arrest student independence movement leader for allegedly damaging Chinese flag
Hong Kong Free Press, May 22, 2019

LGBT rights in Hong Kong: Following furore over Cathay Pacific advert showing same-sex couple banned on rail network and in airport, what next?
South China Morning Post, May 23, 2019

Philippines demands Hong Kong explain grilling of former official who accused President Xi Jinping of crimes against humanity at International Criminal Court
South China Morning Post, May 22, 2019


On This Day — May 20, 1989: Martial law takes effect at 10:00 a.m.: PLA units are ordered to clear Tiananmen Square and return order to the city: “Demonstrations, petitioning, class boycotts, strikes . . . are prohibited . . . [A]rmed police and People’s Liberation Army soldiers have the right to exercise any force necessary to stop or prevent any violation of martial law orders.”
See HRIC chronology and resources.

Blood red anxiety: How Tiananmen coloured the world of Chinese artist Chen Guang
South China Morning Post, May 20, 2019

30 years ago: Zhao Ziyang: “We came too late”
China Digital Times, May 19, 2019

台北“六四研讨会” 王丹以十六字揭幕 (“Never forget, never give up, reunite, and start again,” says Wang Dan at opening ceremony of June Fourth symposium in Taipei)
Deutsche Welle, May 18, 2019

黃耀明將發表新歌紀念六四 「我們不能忘記歷史」 (Anthony Wong, Hong Kong singer who was banned from China’s Apple Music store, to release new song about remembering June Fourth), May 18, 2019

30 years ago: Li Peng meets student representatives
China Digital Times, May 18, 2019

Explainer: 30 years on, the troubled history of Tiananmen Square’s Goddess of Democracy
Hong Kong Free Press, May 19, 2019

30 years ago: Gorbachev calls protesters “hotheads”
China Digital Times, May 17, 2019

“We saw humanity”: A Chinese student on the day Bob Hawke wept over Tiananmen
The Guardian, May 17, 2019


On This Day — May 17, 1989: Intellectuals’ response: Prominent intellectuals (incl. Yan Jiaqi, Bao Zunxin) draft declaration urging govt to recognize legitimacy of Students’ Autonomous Federation, promote political reform, eliminate corruption, and respect freedoms of press, thought, assembly

March of over one million: More than one million people march in Beijing, including workers, All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) officials, journalists, doctors, and nurses.
See HRIC chronology and resources.

30 years ago: Gorbachev meets Deng; protests grow
China Digital Times, May 16, 2019



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