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China Announces That It Will Expel American Journalists
New York Times, March 17, 2020

China Takes Countermeasures Against Restrictive Measures on Chinese Media Agencies in the US
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, March 18, 2020

HRIC Note: The move to prohibit New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post journalists with U.S. citizenship from working in Hong Kong, where there is no official registration requirement for journalists, directly contravenes the “one country, two systems” principle under which the  Hong Kong Special Administration Region is governed. Last October, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam stated clearly: “We have no intention or plan to start a centralised registration system for journalists, not to mention doing any vetting on who can conduct reporting . . . . Freedom of speech is a core value of Hong Kong, and I completely agree that the media has a role as the ‘fourth estate’ in monitoring the government. So our job is to facilitate and assist the work of the media.”


网络文革?辩手邱晨为“港独”言论致歉退圈 (An Internet Cultural Revolution? Well-known debater Qiu Chen apologizes for 6-year-old remarks accused as supportive of “Hong Kong independence”)
Deutsche Welle, March 17, 2020

中国赋予网警更大权力,压制有关疫情应对的愤怒和批评 (Muting coronavirus anger, China empowers its internet police)
The New York Times, March 17, 2020

面对当局对疫情报道的压制,中国记者发起反击 (As China cracks down on coronavirus coverage, journalists fight back)
The New York Times, March 16, 2020

中国称特朗普在推文中使用“中国病毒”是对中国的污名化 (China says Trump's use of "Chinese virus" in tweets is stigma over China)
Voice of America, March 17, 2020


Hong Kong protests: deputy police chief Oscar Kwok fends off accusations of brutality in rare appearance at UN Human Rights Council
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2020

警務處副處長郭蔭庶聯合國發言 指責別有用心者抹黑警隊 (Accusations of police brutality are a "comprehensive effort to villify Hong Kong Police," says deputy commissioner at UN Human Rights Council)
Stand News, March 9, 2020

【逃犯條例】鄧炳強︰憂年輕人守法意識薄弱 要防範本土恐怖主義 (Police commissioner says Hong Kong to be on guard against "domestic terrorism" efforts to blackmail government)
HK01, March 6, 2020

7.21 不計入 999 求救總數  警再解畫:有人別有用心號召報案 僅聽 1,100 來電 約 30 宗被納入達標率 (24,000 unanswered emergency calls during July 21, 2019 Yuen Long attacks not counted towards response rate; police say they were "deliberate spam calls to paralyze the force")
Stand News, March 10, 2020

智慧燈柱將移除攝錄鏡頭 當局冀下一步獲區議會支持 (Government agrees to remove cameras from smart lamps and "replace them with other technology" amidst privacy concerns, but will proceed with pioneer scheme)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 10, 2020

Hong Kong electoral body mulls priority voting for elderly and limits on public ballot count observers
Hong Kong Free Press, March 9, 2020

【武漢肺炎】裝備指引「彈出彈入」 醫管局道歉指溝通上有誤會 (Hospital Authority apologizes for "misunderstanding" over constantly changing guidelines for protective gear for frontline medics)
Stand News, March 9, 2020

被指監視「好鄰舍北區教會」 警:不會監察個別宗教團體 惟有責任了解公眾活動 ("Will not monitor individual religious groups but obligated to oversee public activity," say police after being accused of surveying pro-protest church)
Stand News, March 9, 2020


【周梓樂離世4個月】防暴警將軍澳拘逾 40 人 被捕者 26 男 15 女涉非法集結 (Police crashes memorial for four-month anniversary of Chow Tsz-Lok's death, over 40 arrested for unlawful assembly)
Stand News, March 8, 2020

Hong Kong police and protesters stand off at Tseung Kwan O memorial for deceased student
Hong Kong Free Press, March 9, 2020

HKFP Lens: Hongkongers pay tribute to man who fell to his death after unfurling protest banner
Hong Kong Free Press, March 8, 2020

Pepper spray and arrests as Hong Kong police halt anti-coronavirus clinic demo
Hong Kong Free Press, March 8, 2020

大埔水晶之夜 2.0:三名區議員被捕 指涉非法集結 (Three district councillors arrested during march in Tai Po), March 9, 2020

警方凌晨拘 17 人涉三宗炸彈案 斥市民、區議員阻撓行動 (Police arrest 17 in connection with chemical bombs, slam residents and district councillors for obstructing operations)
Stand News, March 8, 2020

Same-sex couples’ newly opened path to public housing still has a roadblock – getting married in the first place
South China Morning Post, March 9, 2020

Coronavirus-battered NGOs say Hong Kong’s charity sector needs government aid to keep doing their work, avoid redundancies
South China Morning Post, March 8, 2020

社民連、工黨3.8婦女節遊行 批林鄭「扮睇唔到」警察性暴力 (Rights group march on International Women's Day, criticizes administration for turning a blind eye on sexual violence by police), March 8, 2020

和理非師奶辦手足廚房 「仔女」賣曲奇自食其力 (Housewife opens cookie shop, hires young protesters in financial difficulty), March 7, 2020

Arrest follows suspension for Hong Kong police officer accused of smashing homeless man’s possessions in Sham Shui Po park
South China Morning Post, March 7, 2020

【武漢肺炎】袁國勇改口:去年除夕通知陳肇始 中國正爆發疑似沙士疫情 (Hong Kong authorities warned of SARS-like outbreak as early as end of December 2019 but failed to reduce border influx, expert says)
Apple Daily, March 6, 2020


Coronavirus: Hong Kong Correctional Services officers decry watchdog’s probe into handling of masks as ‘outrageous’
South China Morning Post, March 6, 2020

Hong Kong’s TVB axes RTHK programmes after watchdog’s rule change but smaller rivals likely to continue airing shows
South China Morning Post, March 6, 2020

只有中国能做?中国呼吁联合国阻止他国进行电子监控 (China closely surveilles its citizens and yet calls on UN to prevent certain countries from conducting large-scale electronic surveillance worldwide to collect personal information)
Voice of America, March 6, 2020

英国保守党要员拟推修正案彻底排除华为 (Senior Conservative MPs seek to pass amendment to ensure that UK networks are free of equipment provided by Huawei after 2022)Financial Times, March 5, 2020

鄭松泰指有囚犯調柙至最高級別監倉 《香港01》稱為梁天琦 (Edward Leung moved to maximum-security prison, sources say)
Stand News, March 5, 2020

Ex-localist leader Edward Leung transferred to maximum-security prison – report
Hong Kong Free Press, March 6, 2020

Hong Kong’s police watchdog lacks power, impartiality and falls shorts of int’l standards, says Amnesty
Hong Kong Free Press, March 5, 2020

指還押人士口罩不足 團體送口罩受阻 收押所衛生欠佳 區議員:似衛生地獄 ("A hygiene hell": District Councillor criticizes poor condition for arrestees in custody, groups blocked from delivering facemasks)
Stand News, March 5, 2020


Hong Kong TV channels no longer required to air programmes from public broadcaster RTHK
Hong Kong Free Press, March 5, 2020

【免費台不播港台節目】民主派議員斥通訊局「政治封殺」 促政府重新考慮 (Pro-democracy legislators slam Communications Authority for "political persecution" over decision to retract requirement that TV channels must air RTHK programs)
Stand News, March 4, 2020

免費電視台毋須播港台節目 呂秉權:針對港台是策略 傳媒清洗報復正進行 (Reprisal and censorship targeting Hong Kong media underway, warns veteran Bruce Lui over decision on RTHK)
Stand News, March 4, 2020

警方再去信港台投訴「驚方訊息」 指內容令人誤解警隊 (Police send second complaint to Communications Authority, claiming satirical RTHK show "causes the public to misunderstand the police force")
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 4, 2020

Coronavirus: Hong Kong group hands out masks donated by Shenzhen government but recipients are required to provide contact details online
South China Morning Post, March 5, 2020

Coronavirus: as food runs low, calls to speed up help for Hong Kongers stranded in Hubei province increase
South China Morning Post, March 5, 2020

醫管局員工陣線指局方臨床資訊反覆 前線醫護無所適從 (Hospital workers union criticizes the lowering of standards for bedside work in guidelines)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 4, 2020

外籍牧師主持同性婚姻儀式被捕 申司法覆核 今遭高院駁回 須付訟費 (Pastor of pro-LGBT church, arrested after holding marriage ceremony for same-sex couple, has application for judicial review rejected)
Stand News, March 4, 2020

PTU增1500人 消息:防暴隊常規化 (Police to hire 1500 more PTU officers, equivalent to regularizing riot police to handle protests)
Ming Pao, March 3, 2020

鄧炳強:運動至今共拘逾 7700 人 四成是學生 刑事毁壞案逾半犯案人未成年 (Over 40% of 7,700 protest arrests are students, and half of criminal =cases involving damage to property involve underage arrestees, police says)
Stand News, March 2, 2020


'Unprecedented' mental health issues seen in Hong Kong amid COVID-19 fears
Channel News Asia, March 03, 2020

In Pictures: Officers ‘moved some objects,’ say police after force accused of destroying tributes to dead student
Hong Kong Free Press, March 03, 2020

Hong Kong’s face mask shortage highlights injustice inflicted on vulnerable communities
Hong Kong Free Press, March 03, 2020

預算案評分跌至40分創新低 香港民研鍾劍華:派錢買唔到人心 (Public opinion polls show 40% approval of the Hong Kong budget for 2020-2021, a historic low; expert: you can't buy support )
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

接受《彭博》專訪 陳茂波稱不排除開徵銷售稅 (Hong Kong government to consider collecting sales tax)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

深水埗露宿者稱遭便衣警毀家當、踩下陰 團體轟警可恥促道歉賠償 (Homeless in Sham Shui Po who were attacked and shamed by police demand apology and compensation)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

隔離中心冇招標 中資食水特別深?(Are Chinese contractors profiting inequitably from no-bid contracts for t building emergency quarantine facilities?)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

林鄭未否認向中央呈「篤背脊」「利用抗疫翻盤」報告 (Carrie Lam denies “blaming the protests for the failures of the anti-outbreak policies” and “accusing pro-establishment camp for abandoning her” in leaked report to Beijing)
The Stand News, March 03, 2020

滯留湖北其他地區港人冀政府加快安排協助返港 (Hong Kongers trapped in Hubei and other regions in mainland China urge government to speed up evacuation process)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 03, 2020

Hong Kong Journalists Hit Out at Police After Weekend of Renewed Protests
Radio Free Asia, March 02, 2020

Hong Kong Has Contained Coronavirus So Far — But At A Significant Cost
NPR, March 01, 2020


Coronavirus: mask shortage among city’s most vulnerable has wealthy Hongkongers taking matters into their own hands
South China Morning Post, March 02, 2020

「只影警不影暴亂群眾」 馬逢國批部分傳媒不持平 (LegCo member, Ma Fung-kwok, criticizes some media outlets for being biased)
Mingpao, March 2, 2020

《立場》向警提 10 宗投訴 半數涉警無理動粗 鏡頭展示記者身分證 警指待私隠署調查 (The Stand News has submitted a total of 10 complaints against the Hong Kong Police Force )
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

香港攝影記者協會 強烈譴責警方襲擊記者 (Hong Kong Press Photographers Association condemns the Hong Kong Police Force for attacking journalists)
The Stand News, March 1, 2020

In Pictures: Tear gas, pepper spray, 115 arrests during clashes in Mong Kok, as police officer pulls gun on protesters
Hong Kong Free Press, March 01, 2020

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as black-clad protesters return to streets
Reuters, February 29, 2020

Hong Kong police arrest 115 after biggest outbreak of protest violence since coronavirus crisis
South China Morning Post, February 29, 2020

拒設公眾「連儂牆」 食環署:令社會更分化 衍生違法事件損國際形象 (Islands District Council rejects plan for Lennon Wall in Tung Chung, cites concern over worsening social segregation and damage to Hong Kong's international image resulting from unlawful incidents)
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

美國國務院關注黎智英被捕 中國外交部︰粗暴干涉香港事務 促停止為反中亂港分子撐腰 (U.S. State Department is monitoring Jimmy Lai's arrest; China MFA: This is interfering with Hong Kong's affairs, stop supporting people who oppose China and stirring trouble in Hong Kong)
The Stand News, March 2, 2020

李卓人被捕後獲准保釋 批評警方「大算帳」(Lee Cheuk-yan released on bail)
Radio Television Hong Kong, February 28, 2020

香港每一千個年輕人就有四個曾經被捕 (4 in 1,000 of young people in Hong Kong have arrest records)
The Stand News, February 29, 2020

Hong Kong asylum seekers hit by Taiwan’s coronavirus travel ban
South China Morning Post, February 29, 2020



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