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Government Accountability (政府问责)

潘基文:活跃的民间社会和自由媒体对中国发展至关重要 (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: Active civil societies and free media are essential to China’s development)
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

大赦国际和香港人权机构呼吁中国政府停止残酷压制人权律师 (Amnesty International and Hong Kong organization call on Chinese government to stop brutal suppression of rights lawyers)
Voice of America, July 8, 2016

Body found in wreckage of home forcibly demolished in central China
South China Morning Post, July 8, 2016

China jails “Xinjiang sage” connected to former security chief
Reuters, July 8, 2016

County officials in Tibet seize land, sell at a profit to developers
Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2016

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