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Hong Kong (香港)

Two Hong Kong cops freed over activist Ken Tsang assault case, five others have jail terms reduced
Hong Kong Free Press, July 26, 2019

【七警案】七警獲撤罪減刑 事主曾健超:感憤怒和絕望 (“Angry and hopeless,” says Ken Tsang over acquittal and sentence reduction for police officers who assaulted him during 2014 occupation)
Ming Pao, July 26, 2019

Hong Kong protesters to defy police ban on march after gang attack
The Guardian, July 25, 2019

“All Hong Kongers are scared”: Protests to widen as rural residents fight back
The Guardian, July 25, 2019

“So surreal”: Hong Kongers take up self-defence classes in wake of thug attacks
The Guardian, July 26, 2019

警職方協會去信 促林鄭拒獨立調查委員會 「無負警隊一直對特區政府的支持」 (Four police organizations issue joint letter to Carrie Lam urging her to refuse independent investigation by commission of inquiry to “honor the police’s continuous support to the administration”)
Stand News, July 26, 2019

Hong Kong police confirm use of sponge grenades, rubber bullets and 55 cans of tear gas against extradition bill protesters during clash at Sheung Wan
South China Morning Post, July 26, 2019

上環未示警便從後開槍 警辯稱「已展示涵蓋式旗幟」(“All-inclusive warning flagged earlier”: Police defend firing sponge bullets at protesters without warning during Sheung Wan clash), July 25, 2019

Civil servants threaten strike in frustration over police handling of Hong Kong unrest as Lennon Wall appears in Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office
South China Morning Post, July 25, 2019

Democracy activist jailed over 2014 Occupy protests applies for judicial review of laws banning him from standing in Hong Kong elections for five years
South China Morning Post, July 25, 2019

Wilting bauhinias and widemouthed tigers: The evolution of Hong Kong’s protest posters
Hong Kong Free Press, July 25, 2019

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