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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong civil servants protest in defiance of loyalty order
The Guardian, August 2, 2019

轟政治中立遭片面解釋 王永平:公務員效忠的是體制和市民,不是特首 (“I wrote this rule”: Former Secretary of Civil Service criticizes government for abusing “political neutrality,” says civil servants serve the system and citizens, not the government), August 2, 2019

8.3 旺角遊行 示威者轉彌敦道遊行 凌晨黃大仙衝突 (Timeline: Saturday’s march in Mongkok turns into clashes in Wong Tai Sin), August 3, 2019

Hong Kong protests: Police arrest more than 20 after violent clashes
The Guardian, August 4, 2019

The night quiet Hong Kong working-class neighbourhood of Wong Tai Sin became a smoking battleground
South China Morning Post, August 5, 2019

0804 將軍澳及港島西示威:入夜示威者包圍多區警署,在多處堵路 (Timeline: Protests and marches in Hong Kong Island and Tseung Kwan O scatter into roadblocks and police station sieges across Hong Kong)
Stand News, August 5, 2019

Hong Kong protesters use flashmob tactics to evade police
The Guardian, August 4, 2019

有警員由觀塘警署高位向地面開槍 疑發射海綿彈 (Police fired sponge rounds from police station window without warning, as protesters hold station under siege after protests)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 5, 2019

Hong Kong protests: Strike disrupts subways and leads to canceled flights
The New York Times, August 4, 2019

Strike grips Hong Kong as leader warns protests challenge China’s sovereignty
Reuters, August 5, 2019

無人擲物零威脅 無警示向天橋開槍捱轟 (Police filmed firing pepper ball rounds at passers by in Wa On Shan, as nearby residents protest at police station after arrests)
Ming Pao, August 4, 2019

警搜「武器庫」檢獲汽油彈 稱有理由相信作對付警員 (Police arrest 11 before march over suspected “weapons warehouse” containing molotov cocktails), August 2, 2019

影像回顧:從反修例運動到空前管治危機,燃燒的香港七月 (Photo essay: From anti-extradition to full blown governance crisis, Hong Kong’s fiery July)
The Initium, August 3, 2019

香港示威浪潮中的撑警派:“警察执法没问题” (“Nothing wrong with law enforcement”: The police supporters amid Hong Kong’s protests)
BBC News, August 3, 2019