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Hong Kong (香港)

如火熾夏:香港反修例運動大事紀 (Interactive timeline: The chronicles of Hong Kong’s anti-extradition movement)
The Initium, September 23, 2019

2019 Hong Kong protests against extradition bill: A brief timeline
Human Rights in China, September 23, 2019

Video: “Protect Our Kids” protest group says volunteer beaten by Hong Kong police in alley
Hong Kong Free Press, September 23, 2019

元朗後巷被捕「守護孩子」成員 口腔流血暈眩 教會批警濫用私刑如第三世界 (“Protect Our Kids” volunteer trapped in alley, beaten by police; convenor speaks out against torture)
Stand News, September 22, 2019

‘You don’t have to face it alone.’ Hong Kong protests propelled by hidden support network
Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2019

付國豪獲《環球時報》頒10萬元人民幣「最高獎」(Global Times gives reporter who was subdued by protester in Hong Kong airport 100,000 RMB as “highest award”)
Radio Television Hong Kong, September 23, 2019

Hong Kong protests: police use court orders to obtain protesters’ digital fare payment details in another weekend of petrol bombs, tear gas and fires on the streets
South China Morning Post, September 22, 2019

沙田「罷買」變衝突 示威者焚燒雜物 警射催淚彈拘多人 (Boycott in Sha Tin turns to clashes: Protesters set debris on fire, police fire tear gas and conduct mass arrests)
Stand News, September 22, 2019

Tear gas in Sha Tin as Hong Kong protesters vandalise MTR station, burn makeshift barricades and target ‘pro-gov’t’ firms
Hong Kong Free Press, September 22, 2019

元朗恐襲兩個月 市民形點商場內靜坐 (Citizens hold silent sit-in on two-month anniversary of Yuen Long attacks; police fire tear gas, protesters defend against pro-police attackers), September 21, 2019

【9.21屯門示威】警帶走及拘捕多名義務急救員 有急救被指搶犯 (Multiple first-aiders arrested during march in Tuen Mun)
HK01, September 21, 2019

Two 13-year-olds are arrested over Hong Kong protests
The New York Times, September 22, 2019

何君堯發起「清潔日」 元朗等地連儂牆被清除 「義工」獲警護送乘警車離去 (Junius Ho calls “clean up day” to wipe Lennon Walls, police protect his supporters as citizens move to stop them)
Stand News, September 21, 2019

【逆權運動】官媒批終極訴求雙普選 「為奪取香港最高管治權鋪路」 (Demands for dual universal suffrage are “paving the way to usurp the highest authority over Hong Kong,” criticizes state media People’s Daily)
Apple Daily, September 22, 2019

社會主義行動成員因參與九三罷工被解僱 (HSBC fires outsourced employee after participation in strikes), September 22, 2019

國際特赦組織調查指警施酷刑 謝振中:指控匿名 絕不同意 (Police “disagree” with investigative report by Amnesty International because the complainants were anonymous, “no mention of whether they resisted arrest before”), September 20, 2019