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Hong Kong (香港)

Why Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing camp may have to get used to losing
South China Morning Post, December 18, 2019

Hong Kong protests: police commander in charge of Polytechnic University siege hits out at accusations of ‘humanitarian crisis’
South China Morning Post, December 18, 2019

【理大衝突】西九總區指揮官卓孝業:倘暴徒無後果離開 造成法治民智災難 (A "disaster for rule of law if rioters allowed to leave without consequences," says police commander in charge of PolyU siege)
Ming Pao, December 18, 2019

11.4 將軍澳警民衝突 男商人被警打爆頭縫十針 被控襲警 控方證據不足撤銷控罪 (Protester who was beaten by police officer and then charged with assaulting police officer has charges dismissed for lack of evidence)
Stand News, December 18, 2019

段崇智膺《泰晤士高等教育》年度人物 (Vice Chancellor of CUHK Rocky Tuan on list of Times Higher Education people of the year for standing with students during protest confrontation on campus)
Citizen News, December 18, 2019

People of the year: who mattered in higher education in 2019
Times Higher Education, December 17, 2019

監警會接逾1400反修例相關投訴 首階段報告不提721、831、新屋嶺 (IPCC received over 1,400 complaints related to protests, but first report to be released in late January will only provide "purely factual descriptions" of three major incidents up to July 1)
Ming Pao, December 17, 2019

Hong Kong school principals’ leader wants amnesty for protest-related arrests, on both sides
South China Morning Post, December 17, 2019

Hong Kong police not obligated to show search warrant to eye injury victim while obtaining medical records, court rules
Hong Kong Free Press, December 17, 2019

驚人數字:被捕人數已高於全港監獄在囚人數 (Number of protesters arrested has exceeded current prison population), December 17, 2019

首度露餡 ! 當年港英放生緊急法的檔案啟示 (Leaked documents reveal hints on why Emergency Regulation Ordinance was not scrapped during handover), December 17, 2019

【抗暴之戰】被困醫院24天遭禁上網如坐監 理大廚房佬轟政府未審先判 (Protester-cook who stayed in PolyU during siege trapped in psychiatric ward for 24 days, denied request to check out)
Apple Daily, December 16, 2019

Hongkongers living in mainland China say safety and friendships are on the line amid protests
South China Morning Post, December 16, 2019

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