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Information Control (信息控制)

博讯声明回应撰稿人向南夫被刑拘 国际笔会公开信要求释放高瑜 (Boxun responds to arrest of its contributor, PEN International calls for release of Gao Yu)
Radio Free Asia, May 13, 2014

Chinese police detain contributor to U.S.-based website
The New York Times, May 14, 2014

北京抓捕博讯记者向南夫,官媒竭力造谣抹黑 (Chinese gov't launches smear campaign after arresting Boxun journalist Xiang Nanfu)
Boxun, May 13,2014

China: veteran journalist Gao Yu (f) charged with “leaking state secrets abroad”; fears for safety
PEN International, May 9, 2014