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Pelosi Statement on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre


“Twenty-five years ago, a people rose up in Tiananmen Square to demand their rights, to demand dignity and respect, to demand a voice.  They wanted an end to corruption and a beginning of real economic and political reform.  They wanted freedom of expression and assembly.  They wanted a dialogue and progress – and they were demonstrating peacefully when tanks came rolling down the street toward the square.  A young man stood alone before them, an image of defiance, of determination, of courage, seared into our minds forever.

“Twenty-five years later, the spirit of Tiananmen Square endures, yet challenges remain.  The Chinese government censors any mention of the events of June 4th.  Liu Xiaobo remains the world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a symbol of all who languish in prison for exercising their rights.  Chinese officials abuse and intimidate the families of activists with impunity, and the human rights situation in China and Tibet continues to deteriorate. 

“Though many Chinese don’t know the truth about Tiananmen, they do know that government corruption is rampant; that the rule of law is not applied in a fair manner; that air and water pollution threatens their health and environment; that injustice is perpetrated without any redress of grievances. 

“The United States Congress must always stand firm, not only in acknowledging this dark chapter of the past, but in writing a bright chapter of hope for the future.  To the people of China and to freedom-loving men and women everywhere, our message must stay the same: your cause is our cause.  May the memory of Tiananmen Square forever inspire us and strengthen our resolve on behalf of democracy and freedom around the world.”

Official version available here.



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