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Commentary (评论)

“雨伞运动”四周年:反思转化行动 中国阴影下香港未来的迷茫 (4th anniversary of the Umbrella Movement: Reflection on attempts of conversion, Hong Kong’s muddled future under China’s shadow)
BBC News, September 27, 2018

Beijing needs to show better understanding of churches after deal
South China Morning Post, September 26, 2018

Vatican agreement with China legitimizes a Christian-torturing regime
The Federalist, September 26, 2018

My #MeToo encounters in China started as a young girl—and only got worse from there
Quartz, September 26, 2018

【張超雄議員專訪】香港罕見病患者面對的困境 (The difficulties faced by patients suffering rare diseases in Hong Kong)
The Stand News, September 27, 2018張超雄議員專訪-香港罕見病患者面對的困境-一/