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Hong Kong (香港)

Extradition bill debate postponed for second time after Hong Kong protests
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2019

Hong Kong’s young protesters have learned the lessons of the past. They are tolerant of different views, careful with their identities and freed by a lack of leadership
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2019

Hong Kong protesters are defiant in the face of police rubber bullets: “We have to do something”
Independent, June 12, 2019

【警暴合輯 ‧ 不斷更新】警向 6.12 手無寸鐵示威者施暴 人權組織、大律師公會批評 (Compilation: Police violence on unarmed protestors during clash on June 12, human rights organizations and Bar Association speaks out on abuse and violation of international standards)The Stand News, June 13, 2019

兩醫生工會譴責警方濫用暴力 布袋彈橡膠子彈瞄準頭部 並非驅散人群手段 (Two doctors’ associations condemn excessive violence of the police, citing grave concerns on rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds aimed at heads of protestors and journalists, and unrestrained use of tear gas, as reckless action not aimed at crowd control)
The Stand News, June 13, 2019

特首選委聯署要求林鄭月娥下台、停止警方暴力及撤回逃犯修例 (Over 200 members of Election Committee ask Carrie Lam to step down, cease police violence, and retract extradition amendments), June 13, 2019

Hong Kong extradition bill should be dropped because of “serious risk of human rights violations” in mainland China, say foreign lawyers
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2019

Telegram 群組管理員被捕 楊岳橋:罪行備受質疑 被捕者無責任解鎖手機 (Coordinator of protester chatgroup arrested on public nuisance charges)
The Stand News, June 12, 2019

In battle for Hong Kong, the field has tilted toward Beijing
The New York Times, June 12, 2019