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Hong Kong (香港)

Interview: Hong Kong: reporter blinded covering protests on her bid to sue police
The Guardian, December 31, 2019

天水圍6男女貼文宣被圍捕 孕婦跪地嘔吐未獲即時送院 (Police arrest six in Tin Shui Wai for posting on Lennon Wall, pregnant woman delayed medical treatment for 4 hours after vomiting while being forced to kneel)
Ming Pao, December 31, 2019

郵包藏丫叉 警扮送貨上門拘大學生 高院拒保釋 (Police officer disguises themselves as courier and delivers catapult and beads, arrests student for possessing offensive weapons)
Stand News, December 31, 2019

【1228和你shop】匿名便衣警德福拘4男生控襲警 官:警察應披露編號 ("Police ought to disclose ID numbers," says Magistrate in case where plainclothes officer who made arrest made anonymous in court documents)
Ming Pao, December 30, 2019

Hong Kong braces for fresh protests during new year festivities
The Guardian, December 30, 2019

600 人中環追悼抗爭者 籲基督徒向不公義説不 盼全球為港人敲鐘祈禱 ("The Grief of Us": Hundreds rally in Central to mourn lives lost in protests)
Stand News, December 30, 2019

Hong Kong education chief warns principals may be fired if they support teachers under investigation over protests
Hong Kong Free Press, December 30, 2019

Crossing the line: Off-duty police officer, paramedic wade into tear gas to aid injured Hong Kong protesters
South China Morning Post, December 30, 2019

PLA’s Hong Kong garrison holds joint drill in city’s harbour in ‘message to radical protesters’
South China Morning Post, December 30, 2019

Hong Kong inmates need better living conditions and complaints system before ‘smart prisons’, human rights group says
South China Morning Post, December 30, 2019