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Hong Kong (香港)

Hundreds arrested in Hong Kong in New Year's Day protests: police
Reuters, January 2, 2020


【有殺錯無放過】星島:警採新戰略極速大圍捕 部分人或不涉案 (Swift, mass-scale arrests a new tactic by police, sources say; officer admits some arrestees might not have been involved)
Stand News, January 2, 2020

銅鑼灣大圍捕 警擴大封鎖範圍阻拍攝 記協批如同新聞封鎖 衝擊新聞自由底線 (Hong Kong Journalist Association slams police for news blockade during kettling operation in mass-arrest in Causeway Bay)
Stand News, January 2, 2020

A million attend pro-democracy demo, say organisers, as Hong Kong police halt protest early amid vandalism, tear gas
Hong Kong Free Press, January 1, 2020

‘Resist tyranny, join a union’: Huge turnout as Hongkongers hit the streets for New Year’s Day protest
Hong Kong Free Press, January 1, 2020

屯門假「便衣警」警署附近截查市民 六旬男遭搶走21萬現金 (Men pretend to be plainclothes police officers, stop and search citizens near police station, rob 210,000 HKD in cash)
Ming Pao, January 2, 2020

Hong Kong protests: lawmakers and leaders from 18 countries urge Carrie Lam to set up independent panel to probe police conduct
South China Morning Post, January 1, 2020

警拘 5 人涉協助暴動 指使用非法無線電發布警方布防資訊 (Police arrest five on charges of aiding rioting after they used radio to broadcast information of police front-line)
Stand News, January 1, 2020

Education Bureau says it needs to act against Hong Kong teachers found guilty over protest-related misconduct to ensure students’ interests and defend the image of the profession
South China Morning Post, January 2, 2020

工會轟醫管局拒批街站、查單張如白色恐怖 籲各界對抗政治打壓 (Hospital Autority workers union slams repression after booths got banned and flyers got checked), December 31, 2019

Hong Kong’s police were once revered. Now they’re just a blunt tool, ex-cop says
Los Angeles Times, December 28, 2019