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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong protests: deputy police chief Oscar Kwok fends off accusations of brutality in rare appearance at UN Human Rights Council
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2020

警務處副處長郭蔭庶聯合國發言 指責別有用心者抹黑警隊 (Accusations of police brutality are a "comprehensive effort to villify Hong Kong Police," says deputy commissioner at UN Human Rights Council)
Stand News, March 9, 2020

【逃犯條例】鄧炳強︰憂年輕人守法意識薄弱 要防範本土恐怖主義 (Police commissioner says Hong Kong to be on guard against "domestic terrorism" efforts to blackmail government)
HK01, March 6, 2020

7.21 不計入 999 求救總數  警再解畫:有人別有用心號召報案 僅聽 1,100 來電 約 30 宗被納入達標率 (24,000 unanswered emergency calls during July 21, 2019 Yuen Long attacks not counted towards response rate; police say they were "deliberate spam calls to paralyze the force")
Stand News, March 10, 2020

智慧燈柱將移除攝錄鏡頭 當局冀下一步獲區議會支持 (Government agrees to remove cameras from smart lamps and "replace them with other technology" amidst privacy concerns, but will proceed with pioneer scheme)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 10, 2020

Hong Kong electoral body mulls priority voting for elderly and limits on public ballot count observers
Hong Kong Free Press, March 9, 2020

【武漢肺炎】裝備指引「彈出彈入」 醫管局道歉指溝通上有誤會 (Hospital Authority apologizes for "misunderstanding" over constantly changing guidelines for protective gear for frontline medics)
Stand News, March 9, 2020

被指監視「好鄰舍北區教會」 警:不會監察個別宗教團體 惟有責任了解公眾活動 ("Will not monitor individual religious groups but obligated to oversee public activity," say police after being accused of surveying pro-protest church)
Stand News, March 9, 2020

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