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Technology (科技)

腾讯微信自媒体被指大规模封号 (Tencent’s WeChat blocks nearly all “independent media sources” in large scale crackdown)
Qiangwailou, March 12, 2014

中国微信火了, 中宣部怕不怕? (WeChat users reach 300 million, should China's gov't be afraid)
Radio Free Asia, March 12, 2014

WeChat revolution: China's "killer app" speaks to the masses
Agence France-Presse, March 12, 2014

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北风(温云超, Yunchao Wen)@Wenyunchao, March 13, 2014
被封微信公号有观察、毒舌的毒、政经观察、博客日报网、历史文化杂谈、法律读品 真话频道 泉蒙 荐读 罗昌平 雪夜闭门 Teachingroom 旁观中国 经济通 法治新观察 公司评论 徐达内小报 大象公会 共识网 bigriver0052000(...Shut down WeChat subscription accounts include: lawread, luochangping, teachingroom, igonshi)

Google is encrypting search globally. That’s bad for the NSA and China’s censors
Washington Post, March 12, 2014 >ing-search-worldwide-thats-bad-for-the-nsa-and-china/

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