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自1989年以来,斯诺夫人不仅明确表示站在中国人民的一边,而且坚持对中共的暴行进行批评,并坚定地支持6.4屠杀的受难者及活动人士。 2000年春,年已79岁的斯诺夫人在儿子克里斯托弗·斯诺的陪同下前往北京,支持天安门母亲群体,并试图将她丈夫的书及捐款交给丁子霖教授,以表示对在六四屠杀中痛失17岁的儿子的丁子霖的道义上的支持。




IFCSS Statement in Memoriam of Mrs. Lois Wheeler Snow

April 15, 2018

The Independent Federation of the Chinese Students and Scholars expresses its sorrow of the passing away of Mrs. Lois Wheeler Snow, a former actress and writer who was outspoken in her criticism of human rights abuses in China, on April 3, 2018, in Switzerland at the age of 97. She was the widow of the American journalist Edgar Snow, the author of the landmark book "Red Star Over China," which had profound impact on the reporting of the rise of the Chinese Communist regime. We praise Mrs. Snow's effort and contribution to support justice, democracy and human rights in China after the June 4 Massacre in Beijing in 1989 and other atrocities by the Communist regime in China which totally shocked her.

Since 1989, Mrs. Snow has not only explicitly expressed her will to stand on the side of the Chinese people, but also became a consistent critic of the atrocities by the Chinese Communist regime, as well as taking firm actions supporting the victims and activists alike. In the spring of 2000 then 79 years old Mrs. Snow, accompanied by her son Christopher Snow, went to Beijing in an effort to support the Tiananmen Mothers; especially to give a book of her husband's photographs and writings, money, and moral support to Professor Ding Zilin, whose 17-year-old son was among those killed when troops crushed the pro-democracy demonstrations.

In June 2000, Mrs. Snow came all the way from Switzerland to Washington DC at the invitation of IFCSS to attend the 11th annual memorial service for the victims of June 4 massacre in front of the Chinese embassy.

"It just woke me up." She talked about her change. Although she has passed away, her spirit and her conscience surely serve as a great inspiration for us all.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Lois Wheeler Snow!

The Independent Federation of the Chinese Students and Scholars, USA