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2019年9月2日 程淵的姐姐程曉娟 在推特上貼出程淵哥哥程浩寫的 《第二次傳喚記》 ,講述他因程淵一案再次被南京中華門派出所傳喚的經過。8月29日晚員警拿著空白傳喚證傳喚程浩,經程浩質問後,員警在“被傳喚人”欄填上程浩的名字,但傳喚事由仍然空缺。如同 第一次傳喚 ,警方訊問內容依然集中在程浩在推特上發帖為程淵呼籲一事。程浩一再要求警方告知傳喚事由和依據,但警方拒絕告知。程浩在派出所拒絕進食一天,雙方僵持超過20小時,最後程浩被員警抬出訊問室。9月2日程浩到派出所索要傳喚證,被員警拒絕。 程淵 是長沙富能公益機構的創始人之一, 2019年7月22日...

A groundbreaking analysis of China’s media censorship system, including the laws, the control and classification mechanisms, the press, and the developing Internet information management policy. He Qinglian (何清涟) is an economist from China and is the author of several books, including China’s Pitfall. She has been living in the United States since 2001.
A revised and expanded edition (2006) includes updated chapters, an expanded section on the Internet, and English translation of select portions of the book. (Liming Cultural Enterprises Co. Ltd.)


The focus of this report is the legal status of internal migrants in four of China's major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. It describes the discriminatory laws and policies that make internal migrants second class citizens, essentially leaving 10 to 20 percent of the poorest residents of these cities virtually without rights. Since the poorest and most vulnerable among the rural-to-urban migrants are least able to circumvent the mechanisms of control, due to their lack of money and influence, and are most likely to be subject to official and popular discrimination, their experience is the report's principal subject matter.

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Based on firsthand accounts and previously undisclosed Communist Party of China and government documents, this report unveils for the first time the complex architecture of law, regulation, and policy in Xinjiang that denies Uighurs religious freedom, and by extension freedom of association, assembly, and expression. The report also shows how China is using the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent "war on terror" as a cover for targeting Uighurs.

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