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“I’m Paralyzed from Persecution by Gangsters and Black Officials and Wonder: Where is the Justice?”

December 17, 2013

Sun Juchang, a Qingdao resident, worked for two years in Algeria as a laborer. The company that hired him had lured workers with promises of high wages but, once on the ground, paid them poorly, made them work 12 hours a day without days off, and did not provide medical care for sick workers. After Sun asked the company to fulfill its promises, he was savagely beaten by thugs whom he alleges were hired by the company. Since he returned to China in 2004, Sun has petitioned in Beijing many times but was repeatedly sent home by local police, detained in black jails, and tortured. His ordeal has left him paralyzed. He fears that he will someday die at the authorities’ hands and calls on UN human rights agencies to rescue him.

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