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Open letter to Liu Xianzhe, Director of the Yichang No. 1 Hospital

June 16, 2006

Liu Xianzhe

Director, Yichang No. 1 Hospital

4 Hudi Street,

Yichang City, Hubei Province 44300


Fax: (86) 717-622-1636


June 15, 2006

Dear Director Liu,

As an international Chinese NGO, Human Rights in China writes to respectfully request your urgent attention to the case of one of your patients, Mr. Fu Xiancai. Mr. Fu was admitted to Yichang No. 1 Hospital on June 8 after being attacked by an unknown assailant in Zigui County, and is currently paralyzed from the shoulders down as a result of the attack.

Mr. Fu was attacked soon after he was questioned by the Zigui Public Security Bureau about an interview he gave to a German television station. Prior to this attack, he had been subjected to a pattern of threats and harassment, sometimes by unknown persons, but other times reportedly involving individual officers of the Public Security Bureau. As you may be aware, there has been great concern expressed regarding Mr. Fu’s case in the international community, including by the German government and media.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman recently promised that Mr. Fu will receive the medical treatment he needs. However, we urge you to supervise the situation to ensure that Mr. Fu receives all operations, procedures and medicine necessary to address his serious injuries without delay.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Hom

Executive Director

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