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Human Rights in China Media Alert

May 24, 2002

New York

At the invitation of Human Rights in China, Li Xiaoming, a former PLA officer who had taken part in the suppression of the student movement of June Fourth, 1989, will come to New York to participate in June 4 commemorative activities. Li Xiaoming will arrive at JFK Terminal 8 on American Airlines at 6:35pm, Tuesday, May 28. During his stay, he will meet with press and overseas groups to share his personal experiences, to condemn the massacre, and to express his regret as a soldier.

Li Xiaoming, who is now studying for his Master degree at Melbourne Royal College of Science and Engineering in Australia, was the head of a radar station as a captain of the 39th Army Group garrisoned in Shenyang. After the 39th Army Group was mobilized by the Central Military Commission, according to Li Xiaoming, the soldiers were not informed of the exact destination, nor the reason for the mobilization until they reached the Beijing suburbs. Li Xiaoming witnessed officers and solders who refused to carry out the orders to enter Beijing to suppress the demonstrators, and witnessed how higher-ranking commanders came to his regiment to take them away under escort. Upon arriving at Tiananmen Square 1989, Li Xiaoming saw piles of clothing and pools of blood remaining in the Square.

Li Xiaoming will participate in the NY area’s June Fourth Memorial event at 7:00pm, Sunday, June 2, on 42nd Street, opposite the Consulate of China.

Journalists and groups interested in interviews with Li Xiaoming during his New York stay may contact Human Rights in China at 212-239-4495.