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Tibetan Poetry: Thus, We Vanish!

December 12, 2009

Thus, We Vanish!

Translated by High Peaks Pure Earth
From Kyi! Kyi! My Tibet

Since the dark cloud swallowed the moonlight,
We are untouched by the warmth of the fatherland,
Our compatriots are burdened with an unbearable load
Patiently waiting for the ray of hope,

A flock of hawks chased the cuckoos away,
Destroying the warmth of spring permanently
The dark army conquered every corner of the land,
Hardly anyone even dares to mourn and utter a sorrowful sound,

The cliff where the youthful wild yak polished its horn,
The narrow valleys, where brave men left symbols of heroic deeds
Seeping into the rocks and soil
In times of rapid change,

The lofty plateau is endlessly battered by violent storms
The precious jewels of ancestors are perishing
The young, speak a stranger’s language
Declaring, we changed you into another race.

thus, we vanish! -- tibetan

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