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Google Attacked from China: Wake-up Call to International Business

January 12, 2010

Google today issued a statement that it will reconsider the company's operations in China, following an investigation bringing to light a “sophisticated and targeted attack on [Google’s] infrastructure originating from China.” Human Rights in China (HRIC) has translated the Google statement into Chinese.

In addition to the theft of intellectual property from Google, its investigation revealed that more than 20 other large companies have been similarly targeted. The company cites evidence that the primary goal of the attacks was to access Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The company also discovered that, independent of the attack on Google, the accounts of Gmail users based in the U.S., China, and Europe appear to have been routinely accessed by third parties.

“This is a wake-up call to the international community about the real risks of doing business in China, especially in the information communications technology (ICT) industry – an industry that is essential to the protection of freedom of expression and privacy rights,” said Sharon Hom, executive director of Human Rights in China.

“The outcome of Google’s discussions with the Chinese government will send a strong message about the future stakes for foreign businesses operating in China.”

For the full English-language text of Google’s statement, see A new approach to China”.

For HRIC's Chinese translation of Google's statement, see 谷歌声明:重新考虑在中国的做法.