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Issue 200: Rural women sue authorities, Guo Feixiong, Jiang Yanyong

July 12, 2007

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 200. The full Chinese-language issue can be found at

◇ 何清涟

[Spotlight Perspective] “Made in China” Confronted with Many Predicaments, By He Qinglian

◇ 田清江
[Citizens’ Defense of Rights] Ten Years of Blood, Tears and the Defense of Rights: Rural Women Sue The Highest Authorities, By Tian Qinghong
◇ 王大鸣
[Forced Seizure and Forced Relocation] Central Government Looks Over Olympic Project Sites, as Residents are Driven into Cow Pens, Wang Daming writes

◇ 徐志文

[Scandal in Political Circles] Death of the Yellow Chrysanthemum: The Pain of Jiang Zemin, By Xu Zhiwen
【热点追踪】“六四“屠杀: 邓长女推卸邓小平责任
◇ 柴忠信
[Tracking the Central Issue] June 4th massacre – Deng Xiaoping’s Eldest Daughter Denies Deng’s Responsibility, Writes Chai Zhongxin
◇ 戴晴
[Kaleidoscope] The Story of the Song “Dongfang Hong”, By Dai Qing
News in Brief:

Ten Thousand Sign “We Want Human Rights, not the Olympics” Petition

郭飞雄案庭审无结果 Guo Feixiong Court Hearing Yields No Results


Jiang Yanyong Wins Human Rights Prize, Denied Permission to Leave the Country


Zhu Yufu and Son are Sentenced
广西近万名村民镇政府前请愿 In Guangxi Province, Close to Ten Thousand Villagers Present Petition to Town Government


Forced Takeover of Land Leads to Loss of Life, as Police and Masses Clash in Zhanjiang


Zigong Government in Sichuan Province Forcibly Seizes Land, Arrests Rights Defenders

Two Pastors from Henan Family Churches Sentenced to Re-education

逾200访民欲纪念“七七事变”遭关押 Over Two Hundred Wish to Commemorate July 7th Incident at Marco Polo Bridge, Are Put in Prison


Authorities Shut Down British NGO’s online publication