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Issue 151: Environmental pollution, corruption, UN Human Rights Council

August 3, 2006

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 151. The full Chinese-language issue can be found at

加强社会控制并非治本之策◇ 湘灵 "Tightening Control over Society is not a Permanent Cure." Opinion piece by Xiang Ling
捉贪与放贪:中共高层权力斗争白热化 ◇ 秋林 Qiu Lin describes CPC politicians ousting their opponents in the name of anti-corruption
骇人听闻的癌症村 ◇ 杜鹃 Water and air pollution from a chemical factory in Jiangsu province takes its toll on residents as number of cancer cases soars. Report by Du Juan
控告非法征地,村民被黑势力迫害追杀 Representatives of villagers in Tianjin's Beichen District accuse district, town and village leaders of illegally requisitioning farmland, siphoning state subsidies and collusion with criminal elements. An anonymous participant speaks out.
阜阳中院:典型的腐败窝子 ◇ 石鸣 Fuyang People's Intermediate Court: a typical nest of corruption. By Shi Ming
联合国为什么要废除人权委员会,成立人权理事会?(一) ◇ 李柏 Why did the UN establish the Human Rights Council and abolish the Commission? (Part 1) Analysis by Li Boguang

News in Brief:
海内外百余知识分子签名抗议当局关闭《世纪中国》 Over 100 domestic and overseas intellectuals sign a petition to protest closure of Century China website
西藏青年因著书被判10年徒刑 Tibetan youth's critical book lands him ten years in prison
四川巴中大规模警民冲突 Massive clash between police and residents in Bazhong, Sichuan
当局禁止发行《唐山警世录》 Book revealing the truth of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake censored by authorities
西安成都发生暴力拆迁 Residents violently evicted from houses in Xi'an and Chengdu
警方强拆教堂,3千多名教徒与警察冲突 3000 Christians conflict with police over forced dismantling of church
联合国艾滋病规划署关注李喜阁被拘留案 UNAIDS express concern over detained AIDS activist Li Xige
随州200多名民办教师市府前请愿 Teachers from local state-subsidized minban schools petition city government for higher salaries, pensions, and compensation for dismissal in Suizhou, Hubei
民意调查:74%投票网民支持中共总书记由差额竞争产生 Website poll shows 74 percent support multi-candidate election for the position of CPC General Secretary
《百姓》曝光暴力拆迁,江阴宣传部长免职 Secretary of Jiangyin Propaganda Department dismissed after failing to block publication of forced eviction story in Bai Xing