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Issue 152: Chinese nationalism, detained AIDS activist, peasants evicted

August 10, 2006

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 152.

The full Chinese-language issue can be found at

Chinese nationalists view foreign investment as a threat to local control of industry, but overlook the

encouragement overseas investors receive from central government. By He Qinglian

Wang Jianbing tells the inside story of huge profits gained by corrupt officials and businessmen as a

requisitioned public park is transformed into a commercial complex in Changzhi, Shanxi

◇ 常泳
Release my mom! 5-year-old daughter of Aids activist infected with HIV via blood transfusion protests

as her mother is detained after petitioning Beijing for compensation. Chang Yong reports.

江苏灌南流血惨案:政府雇黑镇压农民 16 injured as local authorities crack down on peasants resisting forced eviction in Guannan, Jiangsu
Credibility destroyed for Jiangxi anti-corruption hero Huang Dongju arrested on corruption charges.

By Shi Ming

The second part of Li Boguang's essay on the establishment of the Human Rights Council

in Brief:

奥运倒数计时,当局加紧管制媒体 With the 2008 Olympics fast approaching, authorities tighten control over media


Website closures: current affairs site license finally revoked and collaboratively edited online

encyclopedia shut down

李建平被超期羁押,司法机关违法 Detained internet essayist Li Jianping still awaiting verdict beyond the period allowed by Chinese law
郭飞雄进京路上遭毒打 Human rights defender Guo Feixiong assaulted by uniformed officers en route to Beijing to petition


入狱17载喻东岳精神失常,海内外人士捐款助其治疗 After 17 years in prison, Tiananmen activist Yu Dongyue's psychiatric treatment costs are met by

donations from China and abroad

辽宁凌源警察暴力镇压维权村民,数十人受伤 Dozens wounded as villagers' rights defense movement forcibly suppressed by police in Lingyuan, Liaoning
深圳600名村民冲击法院,抗议执法不力 Close to 600 Shenzhen villagers clash with police outside court during demonstration over unresolved local


皖浙冀又有家庭教会遭查抄 Unofficial house churches closed down in Anhui, Zhejiang and Hebei
卓玛嘉狱中向国际人权组织求助 Tibetan middle-school history teacher Zhuo Majia, facing 10 year sentence for his controversial book,

appeals from jail to UN Human Rights Council

深圳“不买楼运动”发起人邹涛将参选人大代表 Zou Tao, Shenzhen activist and initiator of the Don't Buy Real Estate! movement against soaring

property prices, to run in local elections

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