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Issue 153: Health care, Buddhist temple, forced evictions

August 17, 2006

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 153. The full Chinese-language issue can be

found at


◇ 何清涟
Why have Chinese citizens lost their economic right to health care? He Qinglian reveals that only 17.2% of China’s total medical costs are met by the

government, compared with averages of 73% in developed and 57-59% in developing countries

◇ 夏菁

Journalist Ching Cheong's long-delayed espionage case finally reaches trial. By Xia Jing
◇ 肖淑英
74-year-old forcibly evicted from Beijing home by police along with her entire family. Xiao Shuying tells her own story

◇ 苏海波
Su Haibo narrates the indignities of 15 days in jail after he and his son are detained for protesting loss of property
◇ 红尘
With religion increasingly politicized, even a Buddhist temple becomes focus for persecution by corrupt officials. By Hong Chen
◇ 秋林
Castro: revolutionist or tyrant? Qiu Lin considers the Cuban president following his 80th birthday and recent surgery
News in Brief:
陈光诚案开庭前夕,辩护律师许志永遭羁押 On the eve of rights defender Chen Guangcheng's trial, defense
lawyer Xu Zhiyong detained on minor charge
失地农民走投无路,天安门广场剖腹自杀 Representative of displaced peasants Yang Zhangjun commits suicide in Tiananmen Square after his petition fails
江阴野蛮拆迁,农民何国生被打死 Forcibly evicted peasant He Guosheng beaten to death in Jiangyin, Jiangsu
“绿色观察”创建人谭凯被判刑一年半 Environment activist Tan Kai, founder of organization Lüse Guancha (Green Watch), sentenced to 18 months in prison
四川4名家庭教会负责人被劳教 4 members of Sichuan unofficial house church sent for 2 years’ re-education through labor
抗议当局打压教会,记者昝爱宗遭拘留 Christian reporter Zan Aizong detained for 7 days after using his own name to protest suppression of unofficial church online

40 Changzhou peasants violently ejected from Beijing and several detained following petition against land requisitions
唐山大地震纪念日,库区维权农民被抓 Peasant rights defenders arrested to prevent petitioning during President Hu Jintao's commemorative visit to Hubei on 30th anniversary of the

Tangshan earthquake

日本首相参拜靖国神社,中国压制民间抗议活动 While Beijing protests Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine, assembly for anti-Japanese demonstrations and media coverage of public

opinion strictly suppressed

In preparation for 2008 Olympics, China steps up regulation of satellite stations and independent film and television broadcast online
英国下议院发表报告,批评中国政府封锁网络 British House of Commons issues a report criticizing government censorship of the Internet in China

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