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CRF 2006, No.3 - Defending Rights in China

News Roundup: March – early May 2006

[CRF No.3, 2006 cover]Rights Defense Takes the Frontline

  • Weiquan Online
    This excerpt from an upcoming HRIC white paper looks at how rights defenders use technology to raise rights awareness and rally support for domestic activists and issues.

  • Human Rights Lawyers and the Rule-of-Law Camp
    Wang Yi analyses the rise of an increasingly influential group of professionals, scholars and administrators who have the potential to either promote or impede the progress of legal and political debate.

  • The Need for a United Front on Rights Defense
    Tao Ye describes official targeting of rights defense lawyers, and the need for a broad social base for rights defense work.

  • Draft Emergency Response Law Bodes Ill for Civil Society
    Hu Shaojiang notes that a draft law under consideration by the National People's Congress could further restrict the media and members of the public in defending human rights.

  • Salute
    A poem by Ouyang Xiarong.


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Creating a Climate for Change

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