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Issue 155: Citizens, villagers and peasants rights defense

August 31, 2006

Below are translated summaries of the articles and news briefs published in Huaxia Dianzi Bao, Issue No. 155. The full Chinese-language issue can be found at

◇ 何清涟
When leaders use the law to strip away the infrastructure of citizens' rights, it is a dishonorable form of government. Analysis by He Qinglian
厦门失地农民维权 将政府告上法庭
◇ 万民
Rights defenders representing peasants stripped of land in Xiamen go to court to protest the disappearance of tens of thousands of yuan in compensation. Shi Min
◇ 红尘
Village cadre arrested and put on trial for championing villagers' rights; family members fear to protest. By Hong Chen
刑警打交警,交警哭翻天 ◇ 秋林

Police from the Criminal Investigation Bureau ruthlessly attack traffic police in a disturbingly violent incident which has still not been resolved
◇ 石鸣
Authorities privately order the arrest of high official, Li Peng's associate Gao Yan, who fled overseas from internal CCP power struggle
◇ 卢雪松
My Road to Rights Defense by Lu Xuesong, college of art instructor in Dongbei sentenced to re-education through labor after teaching about dissident Lin Zhao
News in Brief:
程翔被判5年徒刑 Ching Cheong sentenced to 5 years
当局以“诈骗罪”判赵岩3年徒刑 Authorities use fraud charge to sentence Zhao Yan to 3 years
国际社会广泛关注陈光诚案 Widespread international interest in Chen Guangcheng case
“中国人权”发布报告,批评中国政府打压维权律师 HRIC issues a report criticizing the Chinese government's repression of rights defense lawyers
哈尔滨亚麻集团上千名工人上街示威 Over a thousand flax workers take to the streets of Harbin for demonstration
上海被拆迁户再次举报周正毅合同诈骗 Victims of forced eviction in Shanghai complain they were misled by Zhou Zhengyi
高智晟家人被软禁 Gao Zhisheng family members under house arrest
杭州异议人士王荣清被刑事拘留 Hangzhou dissident Wang Rongqing illegally detained
江阴强拆村民被打死 《百姓》网站发帖悼念遭整肃 Peasant He Guosheng in Jiangyang beaten to death protesting against forced eviction, forum of Baixing Web site purged after publishing a memorial notice
内蒙地下教会遭搜查 一女传教士被劳教 Underground church in Inner Mongolia searched, one female preacher sentenced to re-education through labor.
地下天主教神父安树新被关押10年后获释 Underground Catholic priest An Shuxin released after 10 years in prison
越南实行大赦,两位著名政治犯将获释 Two renowned political prisoners released in Vietnam amnesty