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CRF 2005, No.2 - Law and Justice

[CRF No.2, 2005 cover]
Reforming the System

Burden of Proof

Rule by Law

  • On the Unjust Nature of Article 105
    Donghaisong highlights the need to bring China's laws on subversion in line with international standards.

  • State Secrets and Omerta
    Zhang Yaojie argues that the prosecution of journalist Shi Tao imposes official secrecy on those not obliged to maintain it.

  • Shi Tao's Appeal
    Shi Tao's legal arguments for overturning his ten-year sentence on charges of leaking state secrets.

  • Peasants on the Verge
    Pu Wenzhong relates how local implementation of laws and regulations deprives China's rural residents of the justice they should enjoy under legal reforms.


Justice and June 4th

  • Justice for June 4th Means Justice for All
    Xu Jianxin argues that justice over June 4th will require the effective participation of the overseas dissident community in ensuring justice for all in China.

  • On Exile
    Hu Ping describes the hardships of exile that lie below an apparently comfortable existence.


Regular Features

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