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CRF 2003, No.4 - China's Spiritual Revival

Letter from the Editor

[CRF No.4, 2003 cover]
The Call of the Sacred

  • The Falungong Phenomenon
    Hu Ping analyzes the appeal of Falungong and why the Chinese government has chosen to treat the group as a public enemy.

  • Cultural Christians and Contemporary Christianity in China
    Ka Lun Leung explores the relationship between official tolerance of intellectual interest in Christianity and the suppression of Christian faith in China.

  • After Li Siyi
    Dissident Ren Bumei indicts the spiritual poverty of China's intellectuals in the senseless death of a three-year-old child.

  • Moral Outrage in China
    Has China become a wilderness of moral indifference? Jennifer Chou finds many ordinary people share a passionate interest in the spiritual well-being of their nation.


The Call of the Muse

Regular Features

  • Up Front with Wang Yu
    Wang Yu interviews Li Shixiong, a New York-based exile who works to raise awareness of religious persecution in China.

  • Book Reviews
    In this issue we offer an expanded selection of recommendations for readers to consider over the holidays and to start off the new year.

    Just Out - New books in brief

    A New Diary of a Madman - Ha Jin's The Crazed, reviewed by Wu Ningkun

    A Silent Revolution - David Aikman's Jesus in Beijing, reviewed by Stacy Mosher

    The Great Firewall Does not Crumble so Easily - books on China and the Internet reviewed by Ronald J. Deibert

    Candid Comrade - Li Changping's I Spoke the Truth to the Prime Minister, reviewed by Tom Kellogg

    The Importance of Being Stubborn - Ian Buruma's Bad Elements, reviewed by Salil Tripathi

  • Resource List
    A list of Internet resources relating to religion and the arts in China.

  • In Custody
    A list of prisoners in custody for religious activities.

  • Prisoner Profile
    Zheng Enchong

  • Action
    What you can do about the issues discussed.

  • Bulletin
  • IR 2008 Campaign Update:
    Looking Back at Cancun and Forward to Hong Kong

    Sharon Hom and Jennifer Rockwitz report on the Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun, the first WTO Ministerial attended by China.
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