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CRF 2004, No.1 - Gray Zones

Letter From the Editor

News Update
Mid-November 2003 - Mid-February 2004

[CRF No.1, 2004 cover]Walking the Tightrope

On the Margins

  • Criminalizing Ethnicity: Political Repression in Xinjiang
    Nicolas Becquelin examines how asserting ethnic identity in Xinjiang has exposed Muslims to crackdowns on state security pretexts.

    Sidebars: A timetable of the Chinese government's anti-terrorism campaign, and a profile of jailed historian Tohti Tunyaz.

  • China's Education System: Reading Between the Lines
    HRIC's Hong Kong office analyzes the ways in which disadvantaged groups are missing out on reforms to China's education system.

    Sidebar: Call and Response
    Criticisms by the UN Special Rapporteur on Education, and the Chinese government's response.

  • The View Beneath the Bridge
    Yi Ban describes the daily life of petitioners from China's far-flung provinces who are obliged to live on the streets while awaiting justice.
  • Protected to Death: A Petitioner's Story
    Zhou Houwen interviews a woman who rues the day she encouraged her son to report a case of corruption.
  • Poem Feature: The Power of a Red Rose
    After observing events in the Republic of Georgia, Huang Xiang urges, "Raise the red rose, Chinese people of the twenty-first century!"

Regular Features

  • Up Front with Wang YuWang Yu interviews Professor Mab Huang about his efforts to raise human rights awareness in Taiwan.
  • Cultural Review
    Decency as Redemptive: A Review of Li Yang's Blind Shaft
    Sharon Hom discusses a new film that casts a harsh spotlight on rampant corruption and greed in China.
  • Resource List
    A list of Internet resources relating to education and Xinjiang.
  • In Custody
    A list of recent arrests in Xinjiang.
  • Prisoner Profile
    Internet essayist Du Daobin charged with subversion.
  • Action Page
    What you can do about the issues discussed.
  • Bulletin
    HRIC's activities November 2003 through February 2004.
  • China Rights Forum Index for 2003
  • Open Forum
    Feedback from our readers
  • Incorporating Responsibility 2008 Campaign Update

    A Call for a Mao-free Olympics
    A group of Chinese intellectuals feels the continued worship of Mao's corpse degrades China's image in the international community.

    The World Summit on Information Society:
    Promises Disconnected from Reality

    Sharon Hom and Amy Tai describe the challenges of ensuring that human rights remain on the agenda at a major conference on information technology.

    World Movement for Democracy: Focus on China
    Marie Holzman reports on discussions by international participants on the impact of China's political developments on its neighbors.

    Olympics Briefs
    BOCOG head confirmed mayor of Beijing, and a new Olympic Watch Web site.

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