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CRF 2003, No.3 - The Rise of Civil Society


The Rise of Civil Society


  • Walking the Tightrope: Civil Society Organizations in China
    Sharon Liang examines the roadblocks and risks faced by China's civil society organizations today.

  • The Rise of Civil Society in China
    Liu Xiaobo analyses China's new class of "people's heroes" and warns that popular social movements cannot by themselves ameliorate the destabilizing effects of unchecked political suppression and economic disparity.

  • Funding the Rule of Law and Civil Society
    International NGOs and foundations allocate $100 million each year to rule of law and civil society projects in China. This HRIC Issues Paper reviews publicly available information on these programs, which suggests that policy goals may be hampered by questionable assumptions, limited accountability and acquiescence to official strictures.

  • China Development Gateway: The Cost of Compromise
    A mainland scholar examines the cultural gaps that cripple the effectiveness of a foreign-funded Internet project.

  • A Matter of Trust: The Internet and Social Change
    Bobson Wong suggests that reconfiguring "human software" - the attitudes of Internet users and content providers - is as important as developing anti-censorship software in making the Internet a tool for social change.

  • SARS: Unmasking Censorship in China
    Zhang Erping examines what lessons remain to be learned after the fatal official control of public information during the SARS crisis.



AIDS and Article 23



Regular Features


  • Up Front with Wang Yu
    Wang Yu interviews exiled dissident Li Nianchun about his experience as a key figure in China's political and labor movements.

  • Book Reviews

    New Focus on an Old Debate
    Li Xiaorong examines three books on Chinese culture and human rights by Marina Svensson and Stephen Angle.

    Review of Social Connections in China
    Anne Thurston reviews a recent book on the importance of personal relationships in Chinese society.

    Just Out - New books in brief.

  • Resource List
    A list of Internet resources relating to civil society in China.

  • In Custody
    A list of prisoners in custody for journalistic activities.

  • Prisoner Profile
    Yang Jianli

  • Action Page
    What you can do about the issues discussed.

  • HRIC Bulletin & Incorporating Responsibility 2008 Campaign Update