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Call for Photograph Submissions

February 10, 2011

Call for Photograph Submissions

Topic: “China through Different Lenses”

Deadline: Friday, March 11, 2011

In the past three decades, China has made important progress in economic development. At the same time, this progress has come with tremendous social costs, with adverse impact on many of China’s people, such as migrants and ethnic and rural populations, and on the environment.

Human Rights in China (HRIC) is inviting submissions of photographs that reflect the complex reality of the Chinese society, the problems facing its people, and the efforts of people to address those problems.

The photographs are intended for publication in Human Rights in China’s quarterly journal, the China Rights Forum, both in print and on HRIC’s website. There will be a modest honorarium of US $25 for each photograph selected for publication. All the selected photographs will be entered into a contest for the best three photos (see “Judging Criteria” below). The first place winner will be awarded a prize of US $300, the second place winner will be awarded a prize of US $200, and the third place winner will be awarded a prize of US $100.

In particular, we are interested in photographs that provide insights into the following areas:

  • Access to education, healthcare, employment, and housing
  • Consumer product safety, including food safety
  • Environmental degradation
  • Experiences with the legal system, including the courts, police, and security personnel


  • Submissions may be made only by persons who own the rights to those photographs.
  • Photographs not previously published or posted online are preferred.
  • Each photograph must be taken in recent years in the People’s Republic of China (including special administrative regions and autonomous regions) depicting a real event. It may not be staged or altered. It may be submitted by either a professional or amateur photographer.
  • Up to four (4) different photographs may be submitted by any one person.

Submission Rules

Submissions should be made electronically to this email address: Each email submission must include:

  1. Photograph as an attachment to the email – high resolution digital photograph (1MB - 5MB) or high-quality scan of non-digital photograph, in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .raw, or .tif format.
  2. The following information in the body of the email:
    • Name or pen name of photographer
    • Contact email address of photographer
    • Date, place, event of photograph
    • Why I took this photograph: Narrative in 100 Chinese characters or 60 English words that tells the story depicted in the photograph.
    • If the photograph was previously published, provide the publication name and date; if it is posted online, provide the name of the website, the posting date, and a link to the web page.
    • Permission language:
    • I confirm that I took the photograph, that I am the sole owner of the photograph and all intellectual property rights in the photograph. I grant permission to Human Rights in China to publish this photograph in China Rights Forum in print and on its website. YOUR NAME (OR PENNAME) and DATE.”
      (Please copy this exact language and paste onto the end of your email.)

Judging Criteria

Photographs will be selected based on their narrative power, artistic merits, and originality. They will be chosen by a panel of judges with in-depth knowledge of the social conditions in China.

Announcement of Selections for Publication and Prize Winners

Announcement of photographs selected for publication in China Rights Forum and the prize winners will be made in May 2011 on Human Rights in China’s website.

Individuals whose photographs are selected for publication and prize winners will be contacted by email for additional information regarding payment.

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