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China through Different Lenses: HRIC Photo Contest Winners

July 21, 2011

In February this year, HRIC held a photo contest, China through Different Lenses, inviting submissions of photographs that reflect the complex reality of Chinese society, the problems facing the China’s people, and efforts to address those problems. 

Out of some 300 photos submitted, we have selected 32 to be presented in “China at a Crossroads,” a special combined no. 1 and 2 issue of China Rights Forum. We thank all the contributors to this contest for sharing their images, as well as their stories of loss, hope, and individual and collective efforts to live with dignity in the face of formidable challenges: lawlessness, destruction of communities, environmental degradation, and dangerous workplaces.

Our congratulations go to Du Bin, who won first prize for “Kneeling Is Not a Crime”; to Shuang Jian, who won second prize for “Living in Fear”; and to Jin Yuehua, who won third prize for “Hu Xiaomei Airing Grievances on Behalf of Wrongfully Imprisoned Daughter.” Please see “China at a Crossroads,” China Rights Forum, no. 1 and 2, 2011, for all photos selected.


First Prize Winner ($300)

“Kneeling Is Not a Crime” by Du Bin

Second Prize Winner ($200)

“Living in Fear” by Shuang Jian

Third Prize Winner ($100)

“Hu Xiaomei Airing Grievances on behalf of Wrongfully Imprisoned Daughter” by Jin Yuehua


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