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“Public Security Bureau in collusion with the courts have bullied and gravely harmed Li Wenhai’s family members!”

August 29, 2013

A family member writes of a series of injustices that the Li Wenhai family, in Beijing, has suffered:  Li Wenhai himself was forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital for three-and-a-half years. After his release, his wife Li Guian, was beaten and seriously wounded by a thug in the community. She brought a suit against the attacker, but did not get justice from the Dongcheng District Court and an appellate court. The family members believe that the courts sided with the thug and they have reached a dead end in their attempts to get redress. Also, Li Wenhai tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. The police and medics did not try to rescue him but instead sent him to the morgue where he died.