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Living through History

About This Issue

This issue of CRF explores how the major events in China over the past decades have affected the lives and outlook of its people from different generations and shaped their visions of the future.

Born Under the Red Flag

The most significant event for this generation was also the most traumatic—the Cultural Revolution. But the human suffering it unleashed also prompted desperate searches for answers, which would mark them as political outcasts but also help them resist the imposed ideological bondage.

NextGen: Envisioning Future

For those born into the reform era, contact with the outside world, through an exponential increase in flows of people, ideas, and information, especially online—despite constant government attempts to control these flows—has given them a broader context to view their country, their lives, and their most essential needs to grow.

Foreign Perspectives

Essays of encounters by two Americans with great passion for China.

Error | Human Rights in China 中国人权 | HRIC


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