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China in the World

About This Issue

This issue explores the impact and implications of China’s global presence and the challenges and opportunities that it presents in the areas of human rights, security, and civil society.

China’s Global Presence: Expert Views

This section presents, in text and video, a roundtable, “China in the World: Human Rights Challenges and Opportunities,” featuring four distinguished legal and human rights experts: Michael H. Posner, Jerome A. Cohen, Felice D. Gaer, and Fu Hualing; a video interview with Andrew J. Nathan; and an excerpt from China’s Search for Security, co-authored by Nathan and Andrew Scobell.

Civil Society Perspectives and Voices

This section explores how China’s increasing presence is viewed by local communities around the world. HRIC’s NGO survey; video interviews with rights defenders working on Burma, Belarus, Cambodia, Liberia, and Mexico; and an essay by a Kenyan businessman – provide diverse and provocative insights.

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