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Daily News Brief

Monday, November 4, 2019 - 00:13

【11.3 衝突】警闖各區商場噴椒舉槍拉人 趙家賢被咬甩耳 立場、浸大記者被捕 (November 3: District councillor, residents hospitalized in stabbing incident; journalists arrested; riot police suppress "shopping rallies" in multiple districts)
Stand News, November 3, 2019

Hong Kong protests: Knife attacker bites man's ear off
Deutsche Welle, November 3, 2019

【11.2 港島】和理非集會被封殺 催淚彈直射維園足球場 灣仔中環包抄 逾百人被捕 (November 2: Tear gas fired in Victoria Park as police revoke authorization for peaceful rallies, 3 election candidates and over 100 protesters arrested during clearance from Causeway Bay to Central)
Stand News, November 2, 2019

背重創急救員為樹仁生 一度休克 (Student first aider suffers severe burns from police's hand-thrown tear gas canisters)
Ming Pao, November 4, 2019

尖沙咀「和你Sing」過百防暴柏麗大道佈防 ("Sing with you": Karaoke rally in Tsim Sha Tsui dispersed with tear gas after police clear peaceful assemblies in Central), November 2, 2019

First aider, firefighter caught up in Hong Kong Island clashes as demonstrators target Chinese state media HQ
Hong Kong Free Press, November 3, 2019

‘Broad and vague’: Why a court injunction obtained by the Hong Kong police is not just about ‘doxxing’
Hong Kong Free Press, November 3, 2019

‘Selling out Hong Kong people’: Global companies vandalised by protesters over links to China
Independent, November 3, 2019

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam to discuss helping people to live and work in mainland China
Reuters, November 3, 2019

民間記者會民調:抗爭者現創傷壓力徵狀 轟元兇為政府及警暴 (Polls show government arrogance, police violence major sources of post-traumatic stress disorder among protesters), November 2, 2019

UK report calls for ‘proportionate’ police response to Hong Kong protests and end to violence
Hong Kong Free Press, November 1, 2019

《香港半年报告》:英国呼吁停止示威暴力 寻求政治解决 (UK issues biannual report on Hong Kong, urges protesters to cease violence, presses for political resolution)
BBC News, November 1, 2019

China to 'perfect' Hong Kong leader appointment system, warns on national security
Reuters, November 1, 2019

Beijing reiterates call for Hong Kong to prioritise national security, patriotic education
South China Morning Post, November 1, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 23:00

China Says It Will Roll Out ‘National Security’ Steps for Hong Kong
The New York Times, November 1, 2019

US senator introduces "Be Water" act to target govt officials
Radio Television Hong Kong, November 1, 2019

6.12暴動案 法官要求聽審市民除口罩 稱法庭是莊嚴地方 (Court judge demands audience to take off facemask during hearing for riot case), October 31, 2019

Hong Kong court grants temporary injunction against inciting violence via messaging app Telegram and LIHKG forum
Hong Kong Free Press, October 31, 2019

Hong Kong police fire tear gas to break up Halloween party protests
Reuters, October 31, 2019

Halloween in Hong Kong brings a surreal mash-up of partygoers, protesters and riot police
Washington Post, November 1, 2019

Hong Kong police arrest over 70 in Tuen Mun protest against tear gas smell
Hong Kong Free Press, October 31, 2019

解構「福建幫」:從聯誼鄉親到政治動員的鐵軍 (Breaking down the "Fujian Gang": From village social network to militia mobilized by China)
The Initium, October 31, 2019

Ex-Hong Kong leader urges domestic workers to ‘report’ employers with protest gear
Hong Kong Free Press, October 31, 2019

Meet the Spiritual Leader of the Hong Kong Protests
The Atlantic, October 31, 2019

Traditional Chinese medicine doctors are secretly helping Hong Kong protesters
Los Angeles Times, October 30, 2019

The windows of Wong Tai Sin: In a Hong Kong neighborhood, pulling back the curtains reveals a city in crisis
Reuters, October 30, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 03:49

Hong Kong’s mask ban is being tested in court, and so is the city’s rule of law
Quartz, October 31, 2019

Dozens of students wear masks during graduation ceremony, defying warning by Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s management
South China Morning Post, October 30, 2019

Hong Kong protesters target party district on potentially hazardous Halloween
Reuters, October 30, 2019

Ocean Park axes Halloween Fest over protest threat
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 30, 2019

Your “V for Vendetta” protest mask was likely made in authoritarian China
Quartz, October 31, 2019

周六維園及添馬公園集會被警方反對 劉頴匡指會上訴 (Police ban Saturday rally in Victoria Park and Tamar Park, organizers to appeal)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 31, 2019

周六維園「求援國際」集會 劉頴匡:已知全球最少 33 城市響應 促警批不反對通知書 (33 cities to join Nov. 2 global solidarity rally for Hong Kong)
Stand News, October 29, 2019

【屯門瘋狂拘捕】律師指最少拘 73 人 有全家人被捕 周保松等到場聲援 (Tuen Mun residents protest suspected tear gas leakage incident; at least 73 arrested as police barge into shops and housing estates)
Stand News, October 31, 2019

人民日報指侮辱國旗罪一案判刑輕描淡寫 律政司應上訴 (People's Daily criticizes Hong Kong court for "light treatment" of national flag defiler, urges Department of Justice to appeal for harsher sentence)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 31, 2019

‘Harmful’ to young people: Hong Kong Free Press website blacklisted on public ASUS PCs at airport
Hong Kong Free Press, October 30, 2019

Hong Kong police arrested 5 people inside public hospitals over June 12 protests, gov’t says
Hong Kong Free Press, October 30, 2019

Hong Kong Design Institute vandalised for second straight day after school chiefs fail to show up for meeting with students
South China Morning Post, October 30, 2019

Hong Kong police decline to give details of new scheme which will enable identification of frontline officers during protests
South China Morning Post, October 30, 2019

Hong Kong Journalists Ask Court to Consider 'Illegal Actions' by Police
Radio Free Asia, October 30, 2019

HK stock exchange CEO says ‘one country, two systems’ is flawed
Financial Times, October 30, 2019

【9.21屯門】15歲少年涉藏改裝傘被控藏武器案開審 被捕後沒警誡 警: 若個個拘捕都警誡會唔夠人手 (Court allows admission of arrested protester's statement made without police first giving required caution statement; police claim "not enough manpower" to give police caution to all arrested)
Stand News, October 30, 2019

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 13:25

Hong Kong bans activist Joshua Wong from standing in district election race
Hong Kong Free Press, October 29, 2019

Democracy activist Joshua Wong slams ‘politically driven’ decision to bar him from running in Hong Kong district council election
South China Morning Post, October 29, 2019

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong slams election officer for ‘twisting and misunderstanding’ his political views with election ban
Hong Kong Free Press, October 29, 2019

黃之鋒終被 DQ 禁參選區議會 政府:支持選舉主任決定 無關政治審查、言論自由 ("Not related to political censorship or freedom of speech," says government press statement defending disqualification of activist Joshua Wong)
Stand News, October 29, 2019

抗議警察粗暴對待傳媒 記者宣讀聲明 警一度叫停記者會 逐抗議記者離場 (Journalist kicked out from police press conference after reading statement condemning violence against frontline journalists says press conference turned press into speakerphone for propaganda)
The Stand News, October 29, 2019

蘋果:不再出席警方例行記者會 (Apple Daily to join boycott on police press conference after journalist kicked out for reading statement condemning police violence)
Stand News, October 29, 2019

警記者會上照電筒抗議被逐 女記者:被 PPRB 拍攝證件後相片即於網上流傳 (Police take photo of journalist's press ID after removing her from police press conference, photo then circulates in pro-establishment groups)
Stand News, October 28, 2019

Hong Kong's reluctant police officer: 'It’s not for us to deliver punishment'
The Guardian, October 29, 2019

Hong Kong police deploy tear gas against crowd protesting over suspected tear gas test
Hong Kong Free Press, October 29, 2019

Hong Kong police admit adopting more aggressive tactics in bid to quell rising violence as tensions grow between officers and journalists
South China Morning Post, October 28, 2019

Hong Kong protests: how a Post journalist was hit by projectile during police operation
South China Morning Post, October 29, 2019

【民間記者會】少數族裔親述抗爭經歷 巴裔少年見證警暴棄從警 ("We connected": Protesters from ethnic minorities attend citizen press conference, speak on protest experience and racial profiling by police officers)
Stand News, October 28, 2019

法庭修訂警方反起底禁制令 收窄涵蓋範圍 (Hong Kong's High Court amends injunction order to limit scope in banning disclosure of police officers' personal information)
Ming Pao, October 29, 2019

學生何文田築人鏈 抗議學體會取消學界賽事 (Students form human chain in Ho Man Tin to protest against possible wholesale cancellation of all sports competitions for the year to prevent political expression in venues)
Ming Pao, October 28, 2019

Monday, October 28, 2019 - 13:13

Tear gas and Molotovs as Hong Kong rally descends into multi-district skirmishes
Hong Kong Free Press, October 28, 2019

《HKFP》:自由身記者 May James 旺角被捕 為記協及 FCC 會員 有帶證件及穿反光背心 (Freelance journalist May James arrested in Mongkok after asking police officers to show warrant cards)
Stand News, October 27, 2019

Reporters get shot, sprayed, jostled by police
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 27, 2019

【10.27 九龍】警多次強扯記者防毒面具 斥「冇得豁免」 《立場》記者腿中彈受傷 (Police repeatedly rip off journalists' gas mask claiming "no exemption" from anti-mask law; officer shoots Stand News reporter in the leg with bean bag round)
Stand News, October 27, 2019

Hundreds gather at paper crane folding rally to commemorate those who died during Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong Free Press, October 28, 2019

【逃犯條例】醫護界「尊重人權克制警權」集會 憂不敢求醫個案增 ("Respect human rights, restrain police power": Thousands attend medical profession assembly, criticizing police abuse and expressing concern for injured protesters who refuse to go to hospital for fear of arrest)
HK01, October 26, 2019

Broken bones, blisters and bruises: Hong Kong underground clinic volunteers grapple with influx of protest injuries
Hong Kong Free Press, October 27, 2019

「嚮往自由」內地人參與醫護集會 盼香港民主浪潮影響中國 ("Aspiring for freedom": Mainlanders join medical profession rally, hope Hong Kong's democratic movement will influence China), October 27, 2019

UK student left with brain haemorrhage in violent arrest by undercover Hong Kong officers
Telegraph, October 27, 2019

選舉主任入住安全屋 黃之鋒質疑「假都唔俾你請」(Joshua Wong criticizes delay in confirming his candidacy amid rumors that new returning officer is being kept in police safehouse; original officer goes on "indefinite vacation"), October 27, 2019

Hong Kong’s latest injunction protects police while putting press freedom at risk
Quartz, October 26, 2019

Hong Kong bans publication of police personal details, including photos
The Guardian, October 26, 2019

In Pictures: Hundreds tour cultural hotspot Chungking Mansions in support of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority community
Hong Kong Free Press, October 26, 2019

Greenpeace questions Hong Kong police claim that blue dye from water cannon is ‘harmless’
Hong Kong Free Press, October 25, 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 02:10

‘Fight against oppression’: Hong Kong and Catalan protesters hold parallel solidarity rallies
Hong Kong Free Press, October 25, 2019

加泰隆尼亞集會聲援香港 唱加語版《榮光》 當地華人唱國歌示威 有人搶標語擋鏡頭 (Catalonians hold solidarity assembly with Hong Kong and sing "Glory to Hong Kong" song, while Pro-China protesters harrass rally)
Stand News, October 24, 2019

【加泰人權自由集會】居港加泰人:對港人聲援感動 痛心警暴 港人:兩地抗爭相似 (Catalonians in Hong Kong join solidarity rally)
Stand News, October 24, 2019

How justice falls through the cracks of a Taiwan-Hong Kong legal loophole
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2019

律政司警務處長申禁令 禁披露警員「起底」資料 (Commissioner of Police applies for injunction order banning "doxxing" of officers and their family, includes unauthorized disclosure of names, social media accounts, license plate numbers or photos)
Stand News, October 25, 2019

記協:96% 受訪新聞從業員 反對官方「記者發牌制度」 (96% journalists oppose centralized licensing system for individual journalists, says Hong Kong Journalists Association)
Stand News, October 25, 2019

Hong Kong government slammed in ombudsman ruling on suppression of public feedback to extradition bill
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2019

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong’s district council candidacy still in limbo as Hong Kong government vetting officer abruptly replaced
South China Morning Post, October 24, 2019

【因病休假】DQ 參選人前先 DQ 選舉主任? 黃之鋒:搵劊子手取消我參選資格 (Disqualifying the disqualifier: Joshua Wong criticizes "hard order" from Beijing to disqualify him as eligibility to run for election remains unknown)
Stand News, October 24, 2019

【11.24 區選】政府稱已設選舉危機管理委員會 如遇騷亂暴力或押後區選 (Government says cricis group has been formed for upcoming election, might postpone election in the event of violence)
Stand News, October 24, 2019

Hong Kong gov’t forms election crisis committee in case of last-minute delay due to disruption
Hong Kong Free Press, October 25, 2019

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 23:56

Rally ban review quashed
the Standard, October 24, 2019

Hong Kong police groups slam university head for publishing arrested students' 'unverified accusations' of mistreatment
Hong Kong Free Press, October 24, 2019

China foreign ministry says report on plans to replace Hong Kong leader Lam a political rumour
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

Hong Kong protesters warn replacing Carrie Lam may not be enough
Financial Times, October 23, 2019

【陳同佳案】陸委會:陳同佳不可「自由行模式」赴台 設單一窗口處理 (Taiwan says murder suspect Chan Tong-kai cannot enter Taiwan as tourist, sets up specific taskforce to handle handle his "surrender" when he arrives)
Ming Pao, October 23, 2019

Taiwan officers can accompany murder suspect Chan Tong-kai from Hong Kong to island - as long as he agrees and they don't use legal power in city, experts say
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

Why a dispute over a Hong Kong murder suspect is giving Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen an election edge
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

【陳同佳案】管浩鳴:陳同佳今明不啟程赴台 籲各方勿將他視作政治籌碼 (Reverend canon who convinced murder suspect to surrender says Chan Tong-kai will not fly to Taiwan yet, urges not to treat him as "political bargaining chip")
Ming Pao, October 23, 2019

Hong Kong's domestic workers feel caught between both sides in information war
The Washington Post, October 23, 2019

王國興、周融等組關注組 質疑放港獨分子入閘 香港等同緊急狀態 區選難言公正 (Pro-Beijing group questions authorities for allowing candidates who chanted protest slogans to run for election, says elections cannot be fair when Hong Kong is under state equivalanet to emergency)
Stand news, October 23, 2019

《大公報》轟朱凱廸港獨份子 促港府重啟確認區選資格程序 (Beijing mouthpiece Ta Kung Pao blasts Eddie Chu as pro-independence camp, urges authorities to restart qualification procedures after returning officer confirms his eligibiity to run for district elections)
Stand News, October 23, 2019

Hong Kong police have 'unwavering support', Beijing says after remark by city's leader Carrie Lam
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

Injuction to shield Hong Kong voter register from public to prevent doxxing to remain through district council elections - as police group pleas to make it permanent
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

Students vandalise Singapore lecturer's office at City University of Hong Kong over his 'political agendas' warning
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 01:45

How Hong Kong protests are inspiring movements worldwide
Deutsche Welle, October 22, 2019

Murder suspect walks free as Hong Kong, Taiwan authorities clash
Reuters, October 23, 2019

【陳同佳出獄】環時專訪管浩鳴︰陳非「被自首」 未知出獄後安排 (In exclusive interview with Global Times, pastor who convinced murder suspect to turn himself in to Taiwan authorities says "impossible" Chan was forced to surrender)
HK01, October 23, 2019

Hong Kong murder suspect Chan Tong-kai who triggered protest crisis over botched extradition bill released from jail, issues public apology
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2019

一個逃犯,兩場風暴:陳同佳案背後的台港引渡空窗與兩岸角力戰場 (One fugitive, two storms: The void of extradition arrangements and the cross-straight battlefield)
The Initium, October 23, 2019

China draws up plan to replace Carrie Lam as Hong Kong protests drag on – report
The Guardian, October 23, 2019

Hong Kong police assoc. wins injunction application barring public from checking voter registers
Hong Kong Free Press, October 23, 2019


拆局:或再限制查車牌等 傳媒失偵查工具 (Sources say police organizations would further seek to limit inspection of license-plate records, after winning injunction on vote registers checks)
Ming Pao, October 23, 2019

Victims of water cannon outside Kowloon Mosque file complaints against Hong Kong police
Hong Kong Free Press, October 22, 2019

記協:嚴厲譴責警方針對記者 無理發射水炮及投擲催淚彈 (Hong Kong Journalist Association condemns police for targeting journalists with water cannons and tear gas), October 22, 2019

HKJA vehemently condemns police spraying, firing teargas canisters at reporters
Hong Kong Journalist Association, October 22, 2019

不满港警暴力 民间自发300页调查报告 (Hong Kong citizens publish own investigative report on police violence as authorities refuse independent investigation)
Deutsche Welle, October 22, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 02:31

蘇貞昌:港府將陳同佳送台以合理化送中 台灣不會上當 ("Taiwan won't take the bait": Premier Su Tseng-chang criticizes Hong Kong authorities of using murder suspect's surrender to justify extradition bill)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 22, 2019

Taiwan rejects murer suspect's surrender offer, says Hong Kong must comply with 'legal procedures'
South China Morning Post, October 20, 2019

市民悼念7.21元朗恐襲 警察大馬路狂射催淚彈驅散 (Citizens gather in Yuen Long to mark 3-month anniversary of July 21 attack; police clear streets with tear gas), October 21, 2019

元朗 7.21 襲擊 警至今拘 34 人 6 人被控暴動 (34 arrested in relation to July 21 Yuen Long attacks 3 months ago; 68 protests arrested during past weekend's march)
Stand News, October 21, 2019

香港示威:少数族裔和多元文化成为焦点——“我们都是香港人” ("We are all Hong Kongers": Ethnic minorities and cultural diversity become spotlight in Hong Kong's protests)
BBC, October 22, 2019

'Society is suffering': Hong Kong protests spark mental health crisis
The Guardian, October 22, 2019

誤射清真寺警員是否要停職? 警:無補於事 (Police refuse to suspend officer who shot mosque with water cannon: "Isolating someone to ask if they are accountable would not help solve the problem")
Stand News, October 21, 2019

大律師蔡維邦、駱應淦:香港法律界對暴力的兩種反思 (Edwin Choy SC and Lawrence Lok SC: Two reflections on violence within Hong Kong's legal sector)
The Initium, October 21, 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 03:10

Police blast mosque with water cannon as hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong
Washington Post, October 21, 2019

Ex-Indian Assoc. chief hit with police blue dye says he does not accept Hong Kong leader’s apology
Hong Kong Free Press, October 21, 2019

Hong Kong Leaders Apologize to Muslims After Water Cannon Fired at Mosque
Bloomberg, October 21, 2019

Video: Hong Kong police accused of targeting mosque with water cannon blue dye as communities conduct clean-up
Hong Kong Free Press, October 20, 2019

【10.20九龍遊行】警水炮車清場 清真寺被噴中 (Timeline in photos: October 20 march in Kowloon ends in tear gas and water cannons), October 20, 2019

逾百人聖保羅男女校門外靜坐 抗議校方噤聲 (Hundreds students and alums of Hong Kong secondary school hold silent sit-in to protest school's ban of activities showing solidarity to protests), October 21, 2019

Top Hong Kong school accused of restricting freedoms with ban on political events, fearing conflict between pupils on opposing sides of protest debate
South China Morning Post, October 21, 2019

【陳同佳案】陸委會批港府企圖將台灣納入「一個中國」政治框架 (Taiwan criticizes Hong Kong administration for scheming to put Taiwan in "One China" framework by making murder suspect "voluntarily surrender" after previous refusal to cooperate, casts doubt on)
Ming Pao, October 21, 2019

Taiwan rejects murder suspect’s surrender offer, says Hong Kong must comply with ‘legal procedures’
South China Morning Post, October 20, 2019

Mainland Chinese man charged with stabbing Hong Kong protester in Tai Po
South China Morning Post, October 21, 2019

Communist Party mouthpiece slams Hong Kong university chief’s call for police abuse probe
South China Morning Post, October 20, 2019

中大人聯署信挺段崇智:梁振英大陸官媒評論橫蠻無理 感謝校長挺身保護學生 (Students and alumni of CUHK sign joint-letter in support of headmaster who spoke on police violence)
Stand News, October 20, 2019

Hong Kong court rules against same-sex civil partnerships
Hong Kong Free Press, October 18, 2019

Hong Kong: A serious setback for equal marriage
Amnesty International, October 18, 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 02:14

殺女友疑兇 陳同佳願赴台自首 (Chan Tong-kai agrees to surrender to Taiwan authorities after release next week, hopes to "settle society's unrest")
Sing Tao Daily, October 18, 2019

Taiwan urges Hong Kong to keep murder suspect who sparked extradition crisis in custody
Hong Kong Free Press, October 17, 2019

新聞界聯署聲明 關注檢控官要求法庭頒令保護警察證人身份 (Journalism organizations issue joint statement expressing concern at gag order on identity, officer numbers of police involved in court cases)
Stand News, October 18, 2019

Why the Protests in Hong Kong May Have No End in Sight
The New York Times, October 18, 2019

Mother of 15-year-old Hong Kong girl found dead in sea says daughter took her own life, and calls for end to harassment of family and speculation over death
South China Morning Post, October 17, 2019

無綫訪問陳彥霖母 新聞部總監黃淑明出馬 (Broadcaster TVB interviews mother of 15-years-old girl found dead near shore, who insists daughter took her own life, had psychosis; urges end of speculation as citizens demand full surveillance footage)
Citizen News, October 18, 2019

'I'm Worried That I Will Die:' Hong Kong Protesters Write Final Goodbyes
The New York Times, October 17, 2019

Government condemns attack on Hong Kong protest leader Jimmy Sham
South China Morning Post, October 17, 2019

Injured protest leader Jimmy Sham cautions Hongkongers against targeting ethnic minority groups for reprisal
Hong Kong Free Press, October 17, 2019

新闻自由备受考验 香港记者现身说法 (Hong Kong journalists discuss challenges to press freedom)
Deutsche Welle, October 16, 2019

【施政報告】何君堯:單單禁蒙面不足夠 要求規管社交媒體 (Legislator Junius Ho says anti-mask law is insufficient, urges government to regulate social media platforms to avoid children "being misled by press"), October 16, 2019

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 01:02

特首立法會答問會 朱凱廸陳志全等多名議員叫囂被逐 (Pan-democrats kicked out of Q&A at Carrie Lam's policy address, LegCo chairman refuses moment of silence for protesters who died in anti-extradition movement)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 17, 2019

Hong Kong Policy Address 2019: Democrats blast Lam’s ‘irrelevant’ speech as pro-Beijing camp offer lukewarm welcome
Hong Kong Free Press, October 16, 2019

不提民間訴求政改問題 林鄭認施政報告「或許沒有政治解答」(Carrie Lam admits policy address offers no political solutions, but hopes to review problems after calm is restored)
Stand News, October 16, 2019

回應道歉引員佐級協會不滿 張建宗盼市民勿再糾纏7.21事件 (Secretary of Administration Matthew Cheung wishes Hong Kong citizens would stop being fixated on July 21 Yuen Long attacks)
Ming Pao, October 17, 2019

香港十公里挑戰賽警方發反對通知ㅤ田總提出上訴 (Organizer of annual amateur marathon to appeal police letter of objection banning event)
Stand News, October 17, 2019

戴啟思向會員發信:沒有情況比政府向市民施暴更蠶食法治 (Bar Association Chairman Philip Dykes: Nothing more corrosive to rule of law than violence inflicted on public by "apparently unaccountable state agents")
Stand News, October 17, 2019

Hong Kong is exporting its protest techniques around the world
Quartz, October 16, 2019

Hong Kong protest leader Jimmy Sham attacked by men wielding hammers, Civil Front says
Hong Kong Free Press, October 16, 2019

民陣召集人岑子杰遭多人鐵槌襲擊 留醫廣華 (Civil Human Rights Front convenor Jimmy Sham hospitalized after masked men attack him with hammers)
Ming Pao, October 16, 2019

岑子杰疑遭非華裔兇徒襲擊 警方認為有預謀 (Police say attack on Jimmy Sham was planned)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 17, 2019

Hong Kong: Protest leader left bleeding on street after brutal hammer attack
Amnesty International, October 16, 2019

Equal Opportunities Commission gets 300 inquiries about alleged sexual harassment by police during unrest
South China Morning Post, October 16, 2019


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