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Hong Kong (香港)

盧偉聰發公告讚警隊「高度專業及勇敢」「無私付出」 勉勵要「奮戰到底」 (Commissioner of Police praises police force for “selfless sacrifice,” urging them to “fight to the very end”)
Stand News, July 29, 2019

美專家:催淚彈動能大可致盲傷腦 研究證毒性令軍人肺部受損 (Anesthesiology expert warns against deploying tear gas in high-density areas, using pyrotechnic charge to fire canisters)
Apple Daily, July 29, 2019

Anti-riot vehicles equipped with water cannons to begin road tests in Hong Kong and could be ready to disperse protesters in August
South China Morning Post, July 29, 2019

Hong Kong: Police fire teargas as thousands march in Yuen Long
The Guardian, July 28, 2019

727衝突全紀錄:示威者元朗抗議涉黑白色暴力 香港警察對示威者頻密發射催淚彈 (Full record of July 27: Protesters rally in Yuen Long to fight “white violence,” police clear scene with tear gas, batons, sponge bullets)
The Initium, July 27, 2019

“No difference”: Hong Kong police likened to thugs after Yuen Long violence
The Guardian, July 28, 2019

28萬人上街後,香港「光復元朗」申請人因「煽惑非法集結」被拘捕 (After 280,000 march in Yuen Long, man who made application for police permission arrested for inciting unlawful assembly)
The News Lens, July 28, 2019

【7.27 元朗】17 受傷 2 人嚴重 最年輕傷者 15 歲 (July 27 Yuen Long protests: 17 injured; 2 severe, youngest 15 years old)
Stand News, July 28, 2019

Police and protesters clash throughout Hong Kong on third day of unrest
The Guardian, July 28, 2019

中上環遊行拘49人 警批示威者行為越演越烈:我哋已經好克制忍讓 (“We are already very tolerant,” says Hong Kong police as they criticize escalation and “lethal weapons” by protesters), July 29, 2019

警察中上環民居再狂射催淚彈 內外街夾攻驅趕示威者 (Police fire tear gas every 20 seconds in Sheung Wan and Central residential areas to clear the streets of protesters), July 29, 2019

Hong Kong protest: Clashes with police turn downtown into tear gas-filled battlefield
The New York Times, July 28, 2019

728示威:有救護員收到命令,指救護車須得警察批准才可以進入示威人群中救人 (Timeline of July 28: Ambulance and firefights ordered not to enter protest scene without police permission)
The Initium, July 28, 2019

【逃犯條例】有公務員申周五集會 發起人:脫下制服都是香港人 (“We walk with the people”: Civil servants plan rally on Friday to support protesters)
HK01, July 28, 2019

One in seven of Hong Kong’s elite civil servants call on Carrie Lam to hold independent inquiry into extradition bill unrest but police unions remain firmly opposed
South China Morning Post, July 26, 2019

Hong Kong unrest: “We cannot give up”
The New York Times, July 28, 2019

香港警队恃宠生娇公开顶撞政务司“道歉论”要与其“势不两立” (Hong Kong police condemns Chief Secretary of Administration for apologizing over poor handling of Yuen Long attacks on July 21)
Radio France Internationale, July 27, 2019

Hong Kong’s chief sec. apologises over handling of Yuen Long attacks, stirring dissent from police
Hong Kong Free Press, July 26, 2019

612警方開槍疑報細數 橡膠子彈最少10發 事前無舉橙旗警示 (Suspected under-reporting of rubber bullet usage during June 12 protests: At least 10 rounds, no warning issued)
Factwire, July 26, 2019

Hong Kong airport staff stage protest against Yuen Long attack
The Guardian, July 26, 2019

Monday, July 29, 2019
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