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Hong Kong (香港)

昨離深切治療部今午即提堂 荃灣中槍中五生被控暴動、襲警 (Student protester shot in Tsuen Wan discharged from intensive care on Oct. 2, charged with rioting and to appear in court on Oct. 3)
Stand News, October 3, 2019

18-year-old shot by Hong Kong police in stable condition as students stage protest
Hong Kong Free Press, October 2, 2019

早報:香港昨晚多區出現集會和暴力破壞,抗議警察實彈射擊示威者 (Protests and vandalization in multiple districts after police shoot protester in with live ammunition on October 1)
The Initium, October 3, 2019

Hong Kong office workers, schoolmates denounce police shooting of teen
Reuters, October 2, 2019

Hong Kong police relaxed guidelines for using lethal force a day before officer shot student—reports
Hong Kong Free Press, October 3, 2019

【中五生中槍】消息指警方 9.30 改容許開實彈定義 「相當可能」死亡或嚴重受傷可開槍 (Police relaxed guidelines on use of lethal force, rubber bullets and tear gas the night before protester was shot)
Stand News, October 3, 2019

China Thinks It's ‘Totally Appropriate’ for Police to Shoot an 18-Year-Old Schoolboy in the Chest
Vice, October 2, 2019

【槍轟學生】警涉插贓嫁禍中槍男生畫面曝光! 搜證警換4呎長削尖鐵枝作「武器」(Livestream video shows police framed protester who was shot by switching PVC tube he was carrying earlier with sharpened iron rod)
Apple Daily, October 3, 2019

民主黨許智峯:將向開槍警員提出私人檢控 (Legislator Ted Hui considers private prosecution of police officer who shot protester), October 3, 2019

Hong Kong protests: journalist blinded in one eye as attacks on media escalate
The Guardian, October 3, 2019

為中槍印尼記者急救員:領事館已聯絡 或將香港警察告上國際法庭 (First-aider who assisted Indonesian reporter says Indonesian consulate considers lodging case against Hong Kong Police Force in International Court of Justice), October 3, 2019

辯方大狀庭上問「誰要求見被告遭警拖延?」 幾乎全部律師舉手 (Protesters charged with rioting in Sunday’s anti-totalitarian march appear in court, defense lawyers allege deliberate delay in access to arrested persons), October 2, 2019

Defiant Occupy leaders released from Hong Kong prison and immediately vow to join new anti-government protest movement
South China Morning Post, October 3, 2019

Hong Kong police set new single day record with no. of arrests, projectile rounds and tear gas fired on Tue
Hong Kong Free Press, October 2, 2019

Hong Kong pro-Beijing lawmakers urge gov’t to enact emergency law and set up special courts to handle protests
Hong Kong Free Press, October 2, 2019

Hong Kong government faces calls to enact emergency law; Pro-Beijing politicians and police urge harder line as US lawmakers condemn violence
Financial Times, October 2, 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019