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Hong Kong (香港)

【禁蒙面法】的士深水埗撞傷人 警拘一青年涉暴動 的士司機未被捕 (Taxi driver who rammed into crowd of protesters is hospitalized but not charged; teenager in crowd arrested for rioting)
Ming Pao, October 8, 2019

Hong Kong: Clashes as first charges brought under face mask ban law
The Guardian, October 7, 2019

香港“禁蒙面法”抗议进入第二天,警方做出实施后首宗拘捕 (Police make first arrests under anti-mask law during weekend's protests)
BBC News, October 6, 2019

【睇片】要求記者脫防毒面罩 警:法例有無畀特權你戴?你係咪警員呀? ("Who gave you privilege to wear a mask?": Riot police remove journalist's face mask during tear gas episode, despite reassurance of professional exemption by authorities)
Stand News, October 7, 2019

記協:極度關注禁蒙面法加劇衝突 損害採訪及新聞自由 (Hong Kong Journalists Association concerned that police abuse of anti-mask law is further encroachment on press freedom), October 5, 2019

【禁蒙面法】中學校長會主席:教育局要求上報明天戴口罩學生數目 (Education Bureau demands schools to report number of students who wear masks to school)
HK01, October 7, 2019

新華社批何傳耀紀念中學為暴徒撐腰讓法治難回學生內心 (Principal refuses to expel student shot in chest during Oct. 1 protest; Xinhua condemns school for speaking out on police violence)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 7, 2019

腿受枪伤示威男童院中被控参与暴动 反修例风波第二宗 (Student shot in the thigh by off-duty officer on Oct. 5 charged with rioting)
Radio France Internationale, October 6, 2019

A battle for the soul of the city: why violence has spiraled in the Hong Kong protests
The Guardian, October 6, 2019

Hong Kong's Face Mask Ban Made the Protests a Whole Lot Worse
Vice News, October 7, 2019

Hong Kong: Repeal Face Mask Ban & Protect Right to Peaceful Assembly
Chinese Human Rights Defenders, October 5, 2019

Hong Kong Face Mask Ban Violates Assembly Rights: Disproportionate Response Seems Aimed to Deter Protests
Human Rights Watch, October 4, 2019

Hong Kong: Emergency powers are an extreme attempt to quash protests
Amnesty International, October 4, 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019