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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong police enter PolyU campus following day-long battle, as officers fire live warning shots nearby
Hong Kong Free Press, November 18, 2019

理大徹夜衝突:校內一度大火,示威者清晨嘗試撤離,警察多方持續放催淚彈 (Night-long fight at PolyU: Police besiege university, fire tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets as protesters try to retreat from campus)
The Initium, November 17, 2019

Hong Kong SAR Government Must Ensure Effective De-escalation of Dangerous Police Action at PolyU
Human Rights in China, November 17, 2019

民陣對國際社會的緊急呼籲 (Civil Human Rights Front Urgent Appeal to International Community On the Escalation of Tension in Hong Kong), November 18, 2019

Hong Kong’s High Court rules anti-mask law unconstitutional
Hong Kong Free Press, November 18, 2019

民主派司法覆核《禁蒙面法》 高院裁定《緊急法》不符基本法規定 (Anti-mask law ruled unconstitutional by Hong Kong High Court, relief to be ordered later)
Stand News, November 18, 2019

U.S. condemns 'unjustified use of force' in Hong Kong: senior official
Reuters, November 18, 2019

離任前夕《星島》專訪 盧偉聰:獨立調查不公,警無濫暴,政治問題定要政治解決 (Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo retires: "Independent investigation is unjust," "police have not abused use of force")
Stand News, November 18, 2019

China sent soldiers to a Hong Kong protest site—with brooms and buckets
Quartz, November 17, 2019

The Limits Of Positivity
China Media Project, November 16, 2019

Hong Kong activists pledge to ‘squeeze economy’ as city reels from protests
Agence France-Presse, November 17, 2019

Hong Kong journalism groups condemn alleged police firing of projectile at reporter as officer put on leave
Hong Kong Free Press, November 16, 2019

民主黨兩候選人遭警私刑 將投訴及民事索償 盼鼓勵受害人發聲 (Two Democratic Party district election candidates to raise civil claim against police for ill treatment during detention ), November 15, 2019

Sunday, November 17, 2019