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August 6 - August 18, 2002 FALUNGONG
Press release issued by: RIPTIDE - Communications for Change CONTACT: DAVID LERNER 212.260.5000 CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA WIN DECISION TO PROCEED IN LI PENG CASE District Court Judge Upholds Service of Human Rights Lawsuit on Former Chinese Premier on Behalf of...
For Immediate Release
July 23 - August 5, 2002 HUMAN RIGHTS DIALOGUE Since 1997, Japan “started a human rights dialogue with the PRC in return for Japan’s agreement not to cosponsor an anti-China resolution at the UN Human Rights Commission,” said a Japanese senior official at the Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian...
For Immediate Release
July 8-22, 2002 INTERNET
China’s entry into WTO has been presented as a great victory for the Chinese nation, with claims that it will push economic growth to new heights and bring increased prosperity to most people. Based on detailed research about the state of the urban unemployed in China, Dorothy J. Solinger questions...
Inside and outside China, much has been said and written about the impact of WTO entry on the lives of the country’s people. In this essay, Pitman B. Potter raises some questions about its potential to transform China’s legal system.
The Chinese Communist Party has proved remarkably successful at restricting what people say and write about the situation in China, writes Perry Link , so much so that invisible pressures for self-censorship extend to people far beyond the borders of the People’s Republic.


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