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Principle demands of Tiananmen Mothers

July 29, 2001




Support the Tiananmen Mothers in their struggle for a better future for China in which violators of human rights may be held accountable for their acts, and endorse their demands outlined below.

I support the Tiananmen Mothers in their demands for:

  • The right to mourn peacefully and in public;
  • The right to accept humanitarian aid from organizations and individuals inside and outside China;
  • No more persecution of June Fourth victims, including those injured in the massacre and the families of the dead;
  • The release of all people still suffering in prison for their role in the 1989 protests; and
  • A full, public accounting for the June Fourth Massacre, ending the impunity for the perpetrators of this crime.

---> Place a memorial bouquet for the massacre victims on the virtual Tiananmen Square Sign the petition on line at: