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Since 1990, businessman-turned-activist John Kamm has been badgering Chinese officials to provide information about prisoners detained in China for political reasons. Last year he set up the Dui Hua Foundation to continue this work on a more formal basis. Sophia Woodman interviewed him about his...
Experiments in governance Many claims are made about the potential impact on China’s democratization of the election of village committees there. Cynics assert that these elections are nothing but show. Anne F. Thurston looks at the reality on the ground, including how village committees fit into...
"In an incident highlighting this, the New York-based Human Rights in China claimed Thursday that the government in neighboring Hebei province has worked vigorously to cover up the deaths of five child laborers...." Full Article
"...The New York-based rights group, Human Rights in China , reported another grisly breach of work-place safety in northern Hebei province where five child factory workers died from asphyxiation caused by a charcoal heater, two apparently inside coffins..." Full Article